why work with us?

We are your partner, not just a supplier. You don’t buy design, but we work together as partners to create the best possible new products.

partner with expertise

We are experts in highly demanding design projects, whether this is a high-end mountain bike, an electric wheelchair or a complex medical device.

You hire us because we do something you cannot. Apart from that, product design projects are in general exciting, but also risky. We understand that for you this requires trust and courage.

Through the years we found that it works best that we do not overload you with information and choice, but we will help you to make decisions and manage risk.

We design for the users of your product. This means we might have to take their side at times. Also that is in your interest, we believe.

“It was a pleasure working with Alskar Design on our project. Much has been learned and creative solutions to many problems have been found. I would like to thank the team being an excellent point of contact. It has been enjoyable and educational discussing the nuances of our project.”

Sam Layet / PINND bike components

“Thank you for all your efforts that you and your team have invested so far in this project. I am very grateful for that.”

Dennis Stadler / Ergoflix Group

“We work with Alskar Design since 2012 and have completed over seven design and innovation projects across this period. The experience throughout this time with Alskar Design as strategic product design firm was professional, educational and enjoyable. “

Lawrence Chiu​ / Maplez Racing Sports

“I am impressed! I am positively surprised by the solutions that your industrial design firm came up with”

Joep Rous / Philips Personal Health Systems

“Great experience with a professional and creative product design firm!”

Antoine le Cuziat / Kipsta Decathlon

“In our quest for an engineering/design partner to development our new line of Pilates equipment, we fortuitously encountered Alskar Design. As the collaboration unfolded, we were presented with a fully developed project that not only met but exceeded our expectations.”

Ceylan Duran Üçgün / BASI systems

“Today our team reviewed your presentation, all of us think it’s a great bike design.”

Kristen Ying / ZBG ebikes

“I had the pleasure to engage Alskar for our solar energy solutions. I can give my highest recommendations!”

Nikolas Fahlskog / Solplanet

“That’s so cool, the result is top! You will become professional Raqball players quickly. Well done!”

Thomas Claus / RZ Ball Company

“We appreciate the design of the 300 unit, visitors of the Arab Health fair in Dubai and the Medica were very pleased with the product.”

Alexander Nagolkin / SMF Potok Inter

strategy driven

Leaders work with us because they know that design is not about the wishes of the masses and not about consensus, but all about strategic vision and the drive to solve human problems with greatly designed products.


We are experts in design of highly demanding and complex products. Whether this is a high-end mountain bike, an electric wheelchair or an advanced sports product. We have brought many products from idea till production, taking care of every detail.


Our customers care about innovation. They want to launch radically different solutions and products.

Whether it is a completely new sports such as Raqball, a revolutionary air treatment device for operating rooms, or a patented new suspension platform for an e-mountain bike. Our senior team is working daily to achieve new breakthroughs.

bike industry

As we have a sister company in the mountain bike industry, we are deeply rooted experts when it comes to bike design, sizing, kinematics and geometry. But we also know all about bike components, assembly, maintanance, production and logistics.


Quality product design requires a senior design team with many years of experience. Experience that has been gained by over 120 projects of designing, engineering, refining, testing and optimizing products.


With our strategic approach, we offer our clients a clear process and design direction right from the start of the project.


We can help you best to make weighted choices on important design decisions, based on expected risks, costs and added value, both for the design and in manufacturing.

We are fully financed by ourselves, so no bank loans and no investors. All with one reason: to be a stable, independent design partner for you.


Our clients are based all over the world, both in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and North America. No matter whether your company is located close or far from us, we collaborate in a personal and involved manner.

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design and development

Top 100 GIO 2023

The Lymph PET scanner won the Top 100 GIO best industrial designs from the Netherlands in 2023.

red dot award

The Aiswei Hybrid Inverter won a the Red Dot Award, the international distinction for high design quality.

red dot award

The Dynamic Aero Helmet H1 Carbon won a the Red Dot Award, the international distinction for high design quality.

red dot award / ISPO best sport product​

The DWS Z1 is a high-performance and eco-friendly wheel system that weighs less than 155 grams. Yet it’s highly durable due to its unique aluminum rim.

The elimination of a non-recyclable plastic core makes the process of changing wheels better for the environment and it’s revolutionizing the skating industry. The wheels were awarded with the ISPO Best Sports Gold Winner award.

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