Industrial design firm for product design and product development.

Your business grows from product innovation and good industrial design. Exploring opportunities, innovative product design and smart strategies are the building blocks that will help you further.

Industrial design as a growth strategy

Your company will be more distinctive, greener, have better product experiences and more intellectual property.

We come on board early and will help your team with product design from idea to manufacturing. We cooperate through unique look-in-the-kitchen sessions and our highly effective single-developed-concept strategy. This helps our customers to introduce groundbreaking products faster than before, while reducing product development costs.

We have been successfully working in the industrial design business for over 10 years. First as Bluelarix Designworks, and after our name change as Alskar Design. We are independent as before, on the same location in Amsterdam, with the same team of designers.

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Full service industrial design projects

In many situations our industrial design firm is involved early in product innovation projects and help to develop a solid strategy, great concepts and mockups. During look-in-the-kitchen sessions we choose direction with your team, develop the best concept and enter the product development stage, leading to a fully functional prototype.

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Or parts of the process

In other cases you might want us to be involved in parts of an industrial design project. We could for instance develop only a design strategy for a product or focus only on an ergonomic breaktrough in a project.

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Industrial design, product design of sports products.

Industrial design, product design of sports products.

DWS Z1 inline skate wheels: sustainable and award winning industrial design

The new line of Maplez DWS Z1 inline skate wheels is praised for the high level of disruptive product innovation and sustainable solutions. They are a revolution in the industry. And they won both a Red Dot Design Award and an ISPO Gold Winner Award for best sports product 2015/2016.


medical industrial design

Medical product design, industrial design of medical devices

Medical design: eliminating 99.8% of all airborne viruses

The Potok 300 devices operate in operating rooms, obstetric departments and neonatal units to serve as highly efficient supplementary infection control devices. We worked closely with the Potok team on the medical design and development of this device.

Using nano materials and bio-inactivation technology this product kills 99,8% of all virusses, bacteria and fungus in the air. The technology is used in the International Space Station ( and, and SMF Potok asked us to help them to translate the technology into a medical product.



Joep Rous

Philips Personal Health Systems

“I am impressed! I am positively surprised by the solutions that your industrial design firm came up with”

Antoine le Cuziat

Kipsta / Decathlon

"What a great prototype! Thanks for the results on this industrial design project! Glad to see that you guys shared the pleasure that we have working on this project."

Evert Jaap Lugt

Swisscom NGTI

“I am happy we came to a great industrial design. I gladly connect my name to it."

Bjorn Snijders

TüV Rheinland Sonovation

"We are content with the present industrial design solutions, it is a great step forward for TüV in communicating the quality of measurement we deliver.”


Design strategy styling tool

Industrial design: not a matter of taste, but of strategy

The industrial design of a new product is not a matter of taste, but a strategic direction. We develop this direction with our design strategy tools. Based on core meanings, user observations and our styling tool we serve you a styling direction that communicates both your company values and ambitions as well as the meaning a user will give to the product.



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industrial product design of professional tools

TüV Sonovation TOFD: industrial design of measuring quality

The TOFD / PE is a high quality ultrasonic measuring device. We teamed up with TÜV Rheinland Sonovation for the product development of this professional product that is used to certify the quality of welds in the heavy machine industry, oil and gas industry and offshore activities. The product is very flexible and robust in its use. We used industrial design for TüV to have the product communicate the measuring quality by its full product experience.

industrial design of consumer products

Roadie Tuner: industrial design for musicians

The Roadie Tuner is a good example of industrial design for smart consumer products. It's a small guitar tuner, working fully automatically in combination with your smartphone. You can tune your guitar in a matter of seconds by connecting the Roadie to the tuning peg, then strum any string, and watch Roadie perform the tuning.



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Sustainable growth starts with product innovation

Your business needs pro-active product innovation and industrial design to grow. Uncovering opportunities, good product design and initiating smart strategies are the building blocks that will help you.

We'd love to come on board early to help you with product development from idea to manufacturing. Our industrial design firm works with your team through unique look-in-the-kitchen sessions, our effective single-developed-concept strategy, helping you to manage risk and keep focus.

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