We help you develop useful, beautiful and innovative products.

the strategic product design firm

You want to innovate. You want to be relevant in a changing world and serve your clients with the best products. Good product design is your tool to shape the future.

Beautiful, useful and innovative

We understand that product development is of strategic importance for your company. Slow decision-making, an unclear strategy or a lack of experience in product design might be obstacles.

We help you build a visionary design strategy, come to breakthrough solutions, design remarkable products and start production with fully developed products.

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Grow by shaping the future

There are many strategies to grow your business. Usually growth is only thought of by continuing to tap new markets.

A more elegant growth strategy is to help people with innovative product design become healthier, challenge children to do more sports and help professionals to work more safely. A growth strategy with a mission, a story.

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Only strong results with a visionary strategy

If you want meaningful and remarkable products, then you will need a strong vision. We help you build that design vision. Not based on taste, but on your company's identity and reason of existance.

remarkable products, full with innovations

We involve your team

Our clients are deeply involved in the projects. We share the directions we have explored, the decisions we made and mockups that support our findings. And we offer them one clear concept direction, the best product design solution. Because they want us to give them only the best.

product design, product development, professional tools, devices

Why companies work with us

It is good to realize that you want to create something new. That sounds like an open door, but in our practice we help our clients to go off the beaten tracks, to stretch the boundaries.

To not only say that things have to be done differently and then end up in the old pattern, but to really make new steps. Both for multinationals, medium-sized companies and interesting start-ups.

medical product design, healthcare design, industrial design of medical devices

Lawrence Chiu

Maplez Racing Sports

"We worked with Alskar Design since 2012 and have completed over seven design projects across this period. The experience throughout this time with Alskar Design as strategic product design consultancy was professional, educational and enjoyable. For you to rest assured, we highly recommend Alskar Design to those who are looking for a truly comprehensive solution towards their product and business development."

Joep Rous

Philips Personal Health Systems

“I am impressed! I am positively surprised by the solutions that your industrial design company came up with”
industrial design firms, product design firms

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Maarten Jan van Fulpen

Fast Focus

"Last year we have successfully worked with Alskar Design in the product design of a e-health solution. Both business and creative wise Alskar Design is a very pleasant and professional partner. Andreas' experience and drive is very inspiring. The close collaboration with an industrial design company leads to a successful design process and both functional and good looking product design."

Elena Delli

Frel Solutions Sagl

"Working with Alskar Design was a great experience, very enjoyable and informative. From the initial meeting with Andreas and his team, we were given a clear breakdown of the step by step industrial design process and managed to turn our idea from a simple sketch into a functional, marketable design product. We are extremely satisfied with the results and way of working together and would have no hesitation in recommending this product design firm."
product design firm, industrial design firm