models & prototypes

Design is not only about shapes and sketching. Good design comes with building and testing idea’s as early as possible with prototypes and models.

functional models

Very early in the process we start creating the first rough solutions, evaluating them on functionality and performance. Building functional models is crucial input for the concept development process.

We test the functional models and develop the idea’s into potential concepts, or drop the solution if it appears to be unstable, non reliable or just inferior compared to other solutions.

ergonomic models

Another type of models that we create are ergonomic models. These are very early mockups, mainly from easy materials like foam, to test interaction and ergonomics.

Once the first testing on foam models has been done and choices are made, then we take the models one step further to a number of 3D printed models, so that functionality and ergonomics can be tested together.


During the engineering phase of a project we build prototypes. Some prototypes are 3D printed and mainly for testing final shapes and engineering solutions.

Other prototypes are the last step before manufacturing. They are very high quality, often CNC manufactured, coated, with graphics and fully functional.

your design project

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