Explore our industrial design services and process

Our industrial design services and approach help you to develop great new products. Based on a solid strategy, a people-oriented method and combined with robust engineering.

Complete industrial design projects

Maybe you dream of making greener products, a radical upgrade of your product's ergonomics, or creating a new line of well designed products.

We can help you to get results with innovation and industrial design. You could involve us in complete industrial design and product development projects, from the very early stages of design strategy and concept design, till high-end product development, 3D CAD engineering, prototyping, testing, certifications and preparing for manufacturing.

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Or parts of the process

You could also work with us in parts of the industrial design process, for instance building a solid design strategy for your project or running a process of ergonomic or functional optimisations on an existing product.

Direction and strategy: the start of industrial design

Defining direction for the industrial design process is crucial and done by preparing a solid design strategy document. Based on core meanings, business tools, user observations and powerful styling tools, we define a direction for the industrial design that both communicates your company's values as well as the meaning a user will give to the product. This document is the guideline for the creative process, it keeps our team focused, helps to manage risks and speeds up the process.

Industrial design

Our method: single-developed-concept

Instead of fully developing three or more industrial design concepts, from which only one will be choosen, we use our resources effectively to develop only the best industrial design direction towards a fully developed concept. Most of our clients do not want to make choices all the time, they want us to give them the best solution. This method helps to speed up the process and focus earlier in the creative industrial design process.

Industrial design, quality, risk management

Industrial design, quality and risk management

Quality assurance and risk management are important. Therefore during each stage of the industrial design process validations are done to help us design products with minimised risks, while still having the possibility to come up with disruptive new innovations. Our procedures and systems are therefore practical, non- bureaucratic and tested in dozens of projects. Our look-in-the-kitches sessions and solid design strategy help to honestly discuss different paths of development, with their risk profiles, make quickly decisions based on our advices and smoothly come to great industrial design results.

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