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You want to shape the future. With powerful industrial design. Create solutions for people to perform better, get healthier and work safer.

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We help companies to lead the pack. With outstanding industrial design that solves real problems that people have.

Like a device that kills all bacteria in operating rooms. A product that takes over dangerous cleaning work in a chemical reactor. Or basketball shoes for kids with laces that do not loosen.

industrial design support

Our industrial design agency offers the support you need: creating a powerful design strategy, groundbreaking solutions, proven and effective approach, award-winning product design and robust product development.

outstanding industrial design

Our experienced design team developed many outstanding products for our clients, with innovative solutions that help people perform better, work better or enjoy a completely new experience.

We specialize in industrial design from sports products, professional tools, products with wheels and products for healthcare.

best industrial design solutions

Industrial design is non-democratic. We believe it should be based on vision.

When we come on board, we will not overload you with choices, but we will bring vision and help your team to make decisions.

Unlike the more traditional industrial design firms, we have a more effective way of product design.

why work with us?

We work with multinationals, bicycle manufacturers, medium-sized companies and promising startups.

Companies that have come to see sport product development and innovation as part of their strategy. And have learned the power of working together with our product design firm.

Read what drives them to work with us.

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