Good product development helps to give products a long life. And it helps to create products that can be easily upgraded, reused and ultimately recycled. 

our position

We believe that we as humans are creative. From the very early times we have invented and made buildings, infrastructure and products.

Today we see unfortunately a great deal of pollution in the oceans, on the land and in the air. Partly driven by a market system that is dictated by sales figures and shareholder value.

We believe that there is nothing wrong with people creating products as long as those products are useful and intended to help people. To help them to be mobile, to do sports, help them in their work or getting healthy.

And we believe that products should be developed in a way that they will serve people very long, can be easily repaired, can be upgraded and finally that they can be reused or recycled.

sustainable design

Sustainable design is better for your business and better for nature. This could range from new business models to the use of recycled materials.

We could start with the question how you could close the circle of products, components and materials that sell right now, how you could get them back and reuse them in new products.

Extending the life of a product is interesting from a sustainable point of view. Some of your products might actually go well as a service, other products might get an extended life by upgrades or a smart modular buildup. 

We have developed a set of powerful tools and have experience with recycled materials and new business models.

your design project

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