Product design and sustainability

As product design studio we feel responsible for the products we design. We believe that together with you we really can have a positive influence.

Long lasting products

Therefore we would like to challenge you to focus on meaningful long lasting products. Also from a sustainability and eco-design point of view.

We understand that a design is not sustainable by just using materials that are environmentally friendly. If we want to do it proper, then there are many more issues to be addressed. Major impact regarding sustainability can be made by designing the product in a way that it will last long and keeps its meaning for people for a long time. That approach will be our main focus.

Sustainability Checklist

We developed a Sustainability Checklist for internal use, a list with over 40 checks to help us improve our designs and making products more sustainable.
  • design a business model based on cost-for-use
  • design multi-functional products
  • design the product from modules that can be used elsewhere
  • minimize the number of materials
  • use materials that can be re-used
  • use recycled materials if possible
  • use biological materials
  • minimize contamination of materials by printing of painting
  • look for synergy between components and functions
  • strive for maximum efficiency, use bench marks
  • design for partial-load operation
  • design for an efficient production process
  • design products in such way that they can be technically upgraded
  • use renewable energy where possible
  • design feedback to the user about energy use
  • minimize transport from suppliers to local markets
Product design and sustainability

DSW Z1, sustainable skate wheels

One project that nicely illustrates another way of looking into sustainable design is the newly designed and introduced Maplez DSW Z1 Inline Skate Wheels.

The patented wheel is build in two parts: a high quality aerospace alloy aluminum rim that will last for decades, with a durable nylon and PU tire construction that allows the user to change tires not the total wheel, as was normal in the past. The tires can be collected and recycled, turning them into new tires.

Benedik-Design, Founder (SLV)
Winner Consumer Voting ISPO COMMUNITY:
"The interchangeable rim/rubber concept is a perfect example for ecological engineering. It's also a great example for how to implement proven principles into the action sports industries. In addition, the user will carry less weight and spend less on the exchange of wheels."

Apart from our main focus on design of meaningful and long lasting products, our checklist helps us to optimize in other fields and to challenge the standard business model of manufacturing, selling and land-filling products.

Sustainable challenge

If you are interested to focus your new product design project on meaning and sustainability, then contact us to discuss new possibilities. Like take back programs for products, offer products for  a monthly-use-fee, designing your products for reuse of parts and most of all: designing products with a long lasting meaning.

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