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Development of sports products

Product design and innovation services that help you lead the pack. From idea till production.

You want to shape the future. With powerful sports products. Build solutions for people to perform better and enjoy sports more.

become leading in innovation

We help companies to lead the pack. With sports products that perform and are truely new.

Like a helmet that can change between aerodynamics or maximum cooling. Inline skate wheels that have interchangeble tires. Or basketball shoes for kids with laces that do not come lose.

strategic industrial design of bicycles

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Outstanding sports products

Products that are developed by our team are outstanding, with really new solutions that help people perform better and enjoy a completely new experience. We have designed helmets, skates, basketball sets, footballs, mountain bikes, skis and more. We find the balance between dynamic form, performance, high-tech materials and safety regulations.

industrial design of sports products

start with a powerful strategy

The future design of your sports product is not a matter of taste, but of strategic direction, based on meaningful innovation. Remarkable sport products are not the results of a democratic decision making process, but of vision.

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We involve your team

Our ‘look-in-the-kitchen’ sessions involve your team early in the process. Instead of fully developing three or more concepts, from which only one will be chosen, we develop only the best direction. Our clients do not want to make choices all the time, they want to be involved and us to give them the best.

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high performance solutions

Whether we design a high performance inline skate, a new ski boot, a mountainbike or a complex aero helmet, innovation comes with finding solutions for real problems.

sports product engineering, innovation, sports product development

Lawrence Chiu

Maplez Racing Sports

"We worked with Alskar Design since 2012 and have completed over seven design projects across this period. The experience throughout this time with Alskar Design was professional, educational and enjoyable. For you to rest assured, we highly recommend Alskar Design to those who are looking for a truly comprehensive solution towards their product and business development."

Antoine le Cuziat

Decathlon / Kipsta

“Great experience with a professional and creative company.”
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Why sports companies work with us

Both sports multinationals, mid-sized companies and promising start-ups choose to work with us as partner in their strategic product design projects.

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