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We specialize in design and engineering of performance sports products. Products that are used by professional teams, athletes, sports amateurs and children.


Raqball is a collective racket sports. A new sport, with elements from different sports.

Like in other team sports played with a ball, players dribble, pass, cooperate and shoot at the target. A team achieves victory by scoring the highest number of points from shots on the target.

A sport requiring not only dexterity, strategy, and precision, but also intensity, it suits both families and committed competitors.

We designed and developed both the target, the high-end carbon rackets, a large bag to carry one target and the team vests. And we ran the process of bringing the total set of products to manufacturing.

dws z1 inline skate wheels

Maplez DWS Z1 is a sleek, streamlined, high-performance and eco-friendly wheel system that weighs less than 155 grams, yet it’s highly durable due to its unique alloy rim.

The wheel has unparalleled strength and speed. Additionally, it requires less material and time to replace. The elimination of a non-recyclable plastic core makes the process of changing wheels better for the environment and it’s revolutionizing the skating industry.

“The interchangeable rim/rubber concept is a perfect example of ecological sport product design. It’s also a great example for how to implement proven principles into the action sports industries. In addition, the user will carry less weight and spend less on the exchange of wheels.”

Jaka Benedik

kipsta easyball

The Easyball is an innovative football you can easily take with you; it consists of 6 identical plastic parts that are assembled together like a puzzle. It is very compact, flat-packed and there is no more risk of punctures!

The footballs are made from 89% recycled plastic; the other 11% of plastic is new, forming the outerlayer.

It is now possible to train and play every moment of the day, allowing you to reach your goals faster. Become as good as your hero, whether it is Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar or de Jong.

Instinctiv M

The Instinctiv M-series is a range of high-end mountain bikes. Combining confidence inspiring geometry, great design and a patented suspension platform in an engaging package using 8% recycled automotive carbon in the process.

The bikes come both in a 27.5 inch and 29 inch version and are equipped with high-end German made Pinion gearbox drivetrains.

We have been involved from the very beginning of the project, with the development of the kinematics and the suspension platform. Both design and detailed engineering of the carbon frame was done by our design team, up to manufacturing support and test riding.

In the course of the project we developed several drivetrain components as well, like a new chain tensioner and trigger shifter.

Dynamic Aero Helmet H1 Carbon

Unique on-demand aerodynamic helmet, intended for inline skating and cycling. The helmet features a strong light-weight structure that enables the althlete to switch from ventilation mode to aerodynamic mode during the ride, offering a 3% drag reduction.

The helmet weigh less then 260 grams (medium size) and offers a detachable safety rear light.

Naturally the helmet complies with both the EN 1078:2012 norm and the US CPSC norm.

comin scooter

The new Comin’ is light and foldable, making it the perfect companion on short trips. The patented s-curved steering column makes sure that the scooter is large enough to ride, but can be folded compactly.

It has been equipped with a powerful foot-operated brake, offering great braking performance during wet weather conditions.

azorean fl

Azorean Football is a new sport, played on grass fields. The sport is a mix of football, rugby and American football, with a new set of rules. The ball is thrown by hand or kicked in different trajectories.

The ball has a unique aerodynamic shape, allowing players to play the ball with different types of trajectories, depending on the direction of the opening during the flight.

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