Proof of principle, testing in a very early stage

Whether we design a medical product, high performance sports product or a complex professional product, testing functionality with proof of principle prototypes in a very early stage is important.

Testing with proof-of-principle prototypes

One of the first things we do is running research into potential components and solutions, selecting the best options, building quick rough solutions and then run many tests.

We test how components function together, how well the system performs on ergonomics and interaction and if a robust product is feasible with this solution.

Industrial design, functional design testing, proof of concept

Functionality and ergonomics are essential

Based on the results of the first testing with raw prototypes on users, we do more iterations. We optimize the concept solution, rebuild or change the raw prototypes and run new tests. Until we found a solid solution to continue to further develop the concept, the styling, the strategy and moving forward to 3D development and engineering.



System design

A solid system design for complex products

We design the total system in a graphical way, how certain components work together, how data flows run between components, how mechanical components function and might interact with software and electronics.

Normally this system design is running more or less parallel to the concept design stage, so that all the pieces of the puzzle fall together: shapes, materials, components, product build-up, dimensions, connections, ergonomics and functionality.



Mockups during product design

Quick mockups for testing ergonomics and functionality

Making quick mockups is in our DNA. Mostly we build them from foam to test shapes and ergonomics. Sometimes we quickly build a rough 3D CAD model from a technical solution in the computer and print the model on our 3D printer or have it milled in aluminum.

We test and optimise the mockups right away on functionality, interaction, feasibility and manufacturability. Making this quick iterations helps to come to optimized functionality, ergonomics and interaction efficiently and it gives insight in the technical challenges that may come on the road during further development.



Testing with prototypes during industrial design

Years of experience in functional design and product development

Our team brings years of experience to your project. We have designed dozens of products, both simple and extremely complex.

Quick and effective iterations in all the different fields of product development can be achieved with our multidisciplinary team, leading to an optimized balance in shape, interaction, functionality and manufacturability.



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