The next step: our Designguide

Maybe you dream of making greener products, a radical upgrade of your product's ergonomics, or creating a new line of well designed products.

About getting results with innovation

Our Designguide is a good first step. First of all it is like a journal of the innovation-expeditions we did with our clients, it shows a couple of indepth projects, how we helped to create innovation.

The Designguide tells about our identity as well, very important when becoming partners in innovation. The story is about inspiration, about how we could keep your team on track, about having a clear strategy. About how we help to create products which are beneficial for people, speeding up the process of product development.

It tells also how we play together with your team. About our unique look-in-the-kitchen sessions, our effective single-developed-concept strategy, risk management and focus.

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Sustainable growth starts with product innovation

Your business needs design and pro-active product innovation to grow. Uncovering opportunities, good product design and initiating smart strategies are the building blocks that will help you.

We'd love to come on board early to help you with product development from idea to manufacturing. Our industrial design firm works with your team through unique look-in-the-kitchen sessions, our effective single-developed-concept strategy, helping you to manage risk and keep focus.

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