Product innovation, your growth strategy

Your company needs product innovation, good industrial design and smart strategies to grow. Not only in size, but also to see growth in quality: becoming greener, offering better product experiences and creating more intellectual property.

Growing your business with product innovation

We offer product innovation, exploration, industrial design and product development solutions to help you grow your business. Product innovation is not just about being new or being different. It’s about creating new products that users will love, that will play a meaningful role in their lifes.

With our tools, practices, and expertise, we offer a full range of solutions: from strategy and concept development till manufacturing support, to help you develop groundbreaking products and bring them to market fast.

Product innovation, revolutionary ball

Product innovation, revolutionary soccer ball

Ambition levels and strategy

The path that we follow depends on your ambition level, company size and risks. In some cases we would advise to follow a path of incremental product innovation, aiming at improving existing product solutions.

We focus then mainly on improving the user experience, on making the product more sustainable and eco-friendly, on reducing parts, on easier solutions for manufacturing and assembly. Or we might focus on finding new innovative solutions for certain problems that the existing products might have.

Product innovation, revolutionary ball

Radical product innovation

In other cases we would follow a path of more radical or disruptive product innovation, creating totally new groundbreaking products. To prevent future loss of profits in the long term, totally new products have to be created to replace the old ones. These new products have to be different, offering totally new user experiences, being a solution for a new problem.

Examples of such disruptive product innovations are for instance the DWS inline skate wheel, where the rim can be disconnected from the tire, offering a totally new sustainable solution for sports people. Or a football for kids that can be assembled from 6 pieces and never can go flat, as we developed with Decathlon. Or a totally new working process and product in a chemical reactor, that offers twice the working speed and less hazard for the operators.

Product innovation, user insights

User insight driven product innovation

Product innovation is driven by a combination of exploration, dreams and user insights. In certain cases our customers see opportunities for change, market gaps or problems with the current products. If there are no solutions yet, we come on board to help.

Users form an interesting source of inspiration, especially because we aim to design products that will be loved by people, that will fullfill a lasting meaning in their life. Therefore we use powerful tools to define the core meanings, test ergonomics and explore human behavior. User research and exploration involves observing people, running surveys, experiencing products ourselves, roll-plays and interpretation of human behavior. From this we derive new opportunities and solutions.

Product innovation, faster introductions

Faster introductions of breaktrough products

Product innovation is partly about being fast, agile, lean, and adaptable. A business that is capable of being agile and manages to create product experiences that people will love, will reap profits.

In order to help you in the best possible way, we'd love to come on board as early as possible. Our product innovation services provide you with full sketch to manufacturing solutions, including initiation of strategy, concept development, industrial design, prototyping, advanced engineering, design for manufacturing, testing, failure analysis and production support. This integration helps you to introduce breakthrough products faster than before, while reducing design, development, and production costs.

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