We are hired to create breakthrough product innovation.

Product innovation

You want more product innovation. In the changing world of today you want to stay relevant. Our innovation services help you achieve that.

get a head start with product innovation

Your growth is about product innovation and design. Develop meaningful new products that are of great value to your customers and users.

We can help you with this. Our senior product design team designs beautiful and meaningful products. And innovates faster. From the first idea to production.

meaningful innovation

We love creating useful products. Products that will help people to perform better in sports, or that will help them to do their job safer.

Products that serve a clear positive purpose. That is how we see product innovation.

strategic product innovation

Product innovation is not about taste, not about democratic decision-making. Design and product innovation are about vision, about finding and maintaining a strategic direction.

We help develop that vision. That is how we achieve successful product innovation.

how we achieve real innovation

A senior design team, the right mindset and a early-fail strategy help us to achieve innovation. We test idea’s very early in the process and keep balance between exploring idea’s and selecting the best direction.

Within the scope of the project we achieve maximum product innovation in this way. No matter if we work on a mountain bike, a complex medical product, a professional tool or a sports product.

why work with us?

We work with multinationals, bicycle manufacturers, medium-sized companies and promising startups.

Companies that have come to see sport product development and innovation as part of their strategy. And have learned the power of working together with our product design firm.

Read what drives them to work with us.

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Do you need a breakthrough in product design?

We can help. Our senior product design team develops great meaningful products. And innovates quicker.

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