product engineering

Product development and engineering is all about the details. Our experienced design team ensures that your product turns from a concept into a robust product, ready for production.

3d cad modelling

The first important milestone of the product development is to bring the product design concept to a first fully functional prototype. We call this first prototype the P1.

We use powerful 3D CAD software to develop the product. We design each part, create connections between the parts and integrate standard components. We select materials, production methods, treatments, possible coatings and colors.

More complex products, like e-bikes, electric wheelchairs or medical devices, might require integration of controls, wiring, hoses, motors, PCBs, transmissions, bearings or other technical components.

Once that is done, we make 3D CAD assemblies, check tolerances and perform simulations or tests on functionality, weight, strength and stress.


In dozens of demanding product development projects, both in the fields of sports, bikes and medical, we have gained experience with a large set of materials and work closely together with many vendors.

We have experience in using for instance bio-compatible materials like LSR (liquid silicon rubber), medical grade engineering plastics and medical metals.

In sports applications we use high performance engineering plastics, like glass filled Nylons, PEEK or simpler ABS / PC types of plastics, as well as high performance TPE and TPU’s. Apart from plastics we have experience with metals, like copper, magnesium, stainless steel and lightweight aerospace aluminium like AL7068-T6511.

For sports applications we gained experience in both natural as well as synthetic leathers and fabrics, both for shoes and bags.

integration of electronics

In many product development projects we integrate electronic components like drivetrain motors, controllers, etc. In the past we had our in-house pcb development department, which is useful till the day of today in terms of understanding the integration of pcb’s in products, the limitations and possibilities.

In house we are able to quickly develop proof of principle set ups with off the shelf pcba’s and electronic components, Arduino boards and first level of software writing.

When the concept is working on a proof of concept level, we involve partners in the field of software development and pcb design to bring it to an industrial level.


We perform simulations on parts that are heavily loaded or which are crucial for the safety of a product.

3D CAD simulations and tests with prototypes are also used to achieve maximum performance at minimum weight.

In our e-bike and bicycle development, we use sound design and simulation techniques to arrive at the best solutions for suspension, the best kinematics and state of the art geometry.

technical drawings

In addition to a set of 3D CAD files, the bill of materials and 2D drawings are made during the transition to production. Prototypes have often already been made, tests have been carried out and optimisations have been implemented.

We mainly use the 2D drawings for quality control. All details that determine the quality of a part, such as tolerances, fits and finishing, are indicated on this.

your design project

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