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Your actions today determine the future of tomorrow. With strategic product design you can shape the future of tomorrow with meaningful products.

Product design is creativity

Are you looking for inspiration to grow your business? Are you looking for a product design firm that will help you develop products using the latest technological advances, according to a clearly defined strategy, taking into account the specifics of your business model and awareness of responsibility to society and nature?

Obstacles on the way

You might feel that your company does not have enough product design and innovation power. Decision making in your team, a lacking strategy or not sufficient experience might be obstacles.

We understand that creating real innovation and great product design is not easy. We know that using product design strategically could meet a lot of obstacles. With our help you can achieve more.

We have been improving ourselves and our tools and strategies for many years. We work in close partnership with our customers, informing them every week of the progress of work, providing an opportunity to participate in our work sessions and get an idea of the progress of the project.

You will be able to offer new meaningful products that make the world a bit better, like our clients.

Antoine le Cuziat


“Great experience with a professional and creative product design company.”

Joep Rous

Philips Personal Health Systems

“I am impressed! I am positively surprised by the product design solutions that your firm came up with”
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Product design of consumer products
What would be a good way to make wearing reading glasses more attractive?

Frels are a perfect example of product design for consumers. Frels are great small products that make wearing glasses more enjoyable. You have your glasses always at hand and never lose grip.

Practical, non-bureaucratic and tested product design approach

We are distinguished by a rational, non-bureaucratic approach based on verified solutions. We are working together on projects in a constructive partnership. Our solutions are based on a strategic vision, the latest technology, functional models, product design form research, technical solutions and ergonomic research. This is what defines a single best concept.

At each stage of the product design process our designers conduct all the necessary tests and approvals. Thus, we retain the opportunity to remain open to breakthrough innovations while minimizing risks.

product design of transportation
Can we make the scooter a serious and safe means of transport for commuters on short distances?

The Comin' scooter is a joy to ride. Its newly product design offers greatly improved comfort due to large air tires and its optimized geometry. The scooter is a perfect companion on short distances in urban traffic. It is large enough for adults to ride, and yet can be folded compactly and stored in a train luggage compartment or a small car booth, due to its patented s-curved steering column. A powerful drum brake that is operated with the foot provides better safety.

Shape the future, get started with the Designguide.

In the Designguide you will find examples of powerful innovation and a couple of practical steps you can take to prepare a product design project.

Get inspired by the look-in-the-kitchen sessions, by the development of only one concept and the powerful strategy tools.

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We give you one product design concept, the best.

Our unique ‘look-in-the-kitchen’ sessions involve your team early in the process. Instead of fully developing three or more concepts, from which only one will be chosen, we develop only the best direction. Our clients do not want to make choices all the time, they want to be involved and us to give them the best.

Product design of sports products.
How can we replace old skate tires without having to throw away complete wheels?

The DWS Z1 from Maplez is a high-performance and eco-friendly inline skate wheel, with a weight that is less then 155 grams. Strategic product design helped to create a highly durable unique aluminum rim.

The wheel means a revolution for the skate-industry, it has unparalleled strength and speed.