Lead the pack with product design.

we design products. we create innovation.

You want to create an innovative sports product. Or a medical device, professional tool or a consumer product. Strategic product design leads to the relevant products of tomorrow.
You want to lead the pack with your team. But you may experience that within your organization product design does not yield enough and product design is not going as fast as you would like. Or you face the challenge of developing a product for the first time. Decision-making, an unclear strategy or a lack of experience might be obstacles.

We know these obstacles. And we can help your team to bypass them. Our Designguide shows practical steps that lead to more innovation and better product design.

product design, product design of sports products.

We provide exactly the support that you need in the field of strategic product design. From idea to production, with powerful tools, concept design, unique look-in-the-kitchen sessions and robust product development.

You will be leading the pack with products that are meaningful and relevant, today and tomorrow. Prepare to lead the pack with our Designguide.

product design of consumer products

Antoine le Cuziat


“Great experience with a professional and creative product design firm.”

Joep Rous

Philips Personal Health Systems

“I am impressed! I am positively surprised by the solutions that your product design firm came up with”
industrial design firms, product design firms

Prepare to lead the pack.

In the Designguide you will find cases of powerful innovation, frequently asked questions, circular opportunities and practical steps to prepare.

Get inspired by the look-in-the-kitchen sessions, by the development of only one concept and the powerful strategy tools.

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Why companies work with us

Both multinationals, mid-sized companies and promising start-ups choose to work with Alskar Design as partner in their strategic product design projects.

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We will help your team to make decisions

We are Alskar. Our name sounds like an unknown destination. Our name symbolises going where no one went before, exactly what we do in product design. We will not overload you with choice, but involve you early in the process and help your team to make decisions, based on vision and strategy.