Product Design, the components of a complete project

Are you looking for product design? We are glad to help you designing a great product. Together with your team we develop the product from idea to production. With a human-centered product design approach, with focus and a solid strategic foundation.

Strategy for product design

Depending on the complexity of the product each phase will be longer or shorter. The first step is to define the direction for the new product and translating this strategic direction into form and appearance. We do this by establishing a solid design strategy document.

Product design, strategy

Product design: not about taste, but a matter of strategy

The product design should not be based on taste, but should have a strategic foundation. We make that foundation by building a design strategy, identifying core meanings, make use of observations and apply powerful styling tools, leading to one clear direction. This direction communicates the values of your company, suits your ambitions, and also shapes the core meaning that users experience in the product.

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Testing with proof-of-principle prototypes

Product design in the early stages is all about creation and testing of concept ideas. It does not matter whether we are working on a medical product, a high quality sports product or a complex professional product. Especially in the early stages of the project we keep testing with raw prototypes to evaluate and optimise the functionality and ergonomics.

In the daily practice of product design this means that we look for suitable components, design technical solutions and rapidly build mockups to test.

We are most interested in how components function together, how well the system performs on ergonomics and function and whether a robust product is feasible with the present solutions.

Product design, testing functionality and ergonomics

Functionality and ergonomics as essential elements of product design

We use the testingresults from the mockups to further optimize the design, we run new iterations and retest. Until we have a solid product design that is both feasible and performs well on functionality and ergonomics.

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Development of form during product design

We develop the shape both by sketching and by creating form-mockups. Form is important both for ergonomics and for the appearance of the product design and therefore the form is fine-tuned and evaluated in parallel on different levels. While we make sketches and run the concept development process, we use the main direction from the design strategy document as a guideline for form and appearance evaluation.

Product design, from strategy till concept

Choices during product design; from strategy to the best concept

We believe in cooperation and partnership. Therefore, we invite you to our 'look-in-the-kitchen' sessions where we discuss directions, apply focus, weigh risks and decide together to work out a concept. We take you along so early in the conceptual design, which we are not present more elaborate concepts, but applying together focus. Because in many cases, it is already clear which concept is the best.
When we make important product design decisions, we help you to make a weighted choice, based on expected risks, costs and added value, not only in the development process, but also during certifications, assembly and production.

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Product design and engineering

Development of the product design

The product design will be developed further into a first prototype P1. This involves detailing of the design, making choices in terms of materials, assembly, production and finish.

Using 3D CAD software we add more detail to the various components of the product. We evaluate the design and engineering solutions on manufacturability and assembly. And we conduct already preliminary consultations with possible manufacturing partners.

Product design iterations, the road to perfection

Prototyping and testing, the road to perfection

During complex projects we send regular presentations with updates of the product design solutions that we work on with visualizations of the decisions we made and the reasons behind them.
Once the productdevelopment is well advanced a first prototype P1 will be built to test all solutions regarding use, ergonomics and functionality. With the aid of rapid prototyping techniques, the components are produced at selected partners. As soon as the parts come in, we check them on the basis of drawings, assemble the prototype and conduct the first functional and use tests.

Product design and materials

Product design and selection of materials

During dozens of demanding product design projects, both in the sports, consumer and medical fields, we have gained a lot of experience with materials. And we work closely together with material vendors.

We have for instance experience in using bio-compatible materials like LSR (liquid silicon rubber), medical grade engineering plastics and medical metals. In sports applications we use high performance engineering plastics, such as glass filled Nylons, PEEK or simpler ABS / PC types of plastics, as well as high performance TPE and TPU's. Apart from plastics we have experience as well with metals, like magnesium, stainless steel and lightweight aerospace aluminium like AL7068-T6511.

For other sports applications we gained experience in both natural as synthetic leathers and fabrics, both for shoes and bags.

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Product design, from prototype P1 to PF

From product design toward starting manufacturing

After building the first prototype it may need some modifications. During more complex projects we will create a test plan to test performance in different use cases and make optimizations.

If the product should be tested according to specific ISO, CE, MDD medical safety norms, on EMC / ESD norms or on specific sports norms, then this is the time to organize it. And this is the time to select manufacturing partners.

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