Projects we are proud of. Work that shows how we combine good design with outstanding innovation. To help people become healthy, to perform better in sports and work safer.


high-end scooter

Philips Activelink

exercise more


always your reading glasses at hand

Labonovum Ser-Col

blood analysis at home

SMF Potok

99,9% clean air

TüV Sonovation TOFD

measuring the quality of welds in a better way

Mourik M-Ty

quick check whether reactor is empty

Fastfocus VSM

vital signs measurement

Bprocare PAM

communication with care givers

Niko 5G Tablet

elderly living on themselves

Philips Health

challenge people to exercise more

Maplez Aero H1 carbon

adjustable bike helmet

Azorean FL

duct game ball

Mourik M-Lance

emptying a reactor twice as fast

Maplez BLT

changing skate bearings


first collective racket sports


full carbon, full suspension mountain bike

Maplez DWS Z1

inline skate wheel system

Decathlon Aptonia ESS

sports bottle with dosing

Swisscom NGTI

control everything in your smart home

Microjungle Safaro

back to the tradition of food fermenting

STL Group

streaming wireless music


organising and keeping

ElementStore EAS

rfid article security

Decathlon Kipsta

football from 6 pieces

Maplez Easy Slot M2

transporting skates

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