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The world of cycling has seen extraordinary advancements in recent years, with innovative product design of bicycles taking center stage.

crazy about bikes

A lot is happening in the bicycle industry. From lightweight materials to smart technology, the modern bicycle is a marvel of engineering and creativity.

We are happy to be in the middle of all that as a design firm. Partly because we design and develop many bicycles and ebikes. But also because we a bit crazy about bikes. No matter whether they are fully’s or hardtails, ebikes, road bikes or cargo bikes.

lightweight materials

One of the most significant innovations in bicycle design is the use of lightweight materials. Carbon fiber has become the material of choice for high-performance bicycles due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Bikes like the Trek Émonda and Specialized S-Works Tarmac feature carbon frames that provide exceptional stiffness and durability while minimizing weight, allowing for faster and more efficient rides.

electric bikes

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are transforming the cycling landscape by offering powered assistance that makes riding accessible to a broader audience.

Brands like Bosch, TQ and Shimano have developed sophisticated motor and battery systems that seamlessly integrate with the bicycle, providing riders with adjustable levels of assistance.

This innovation is perfect for commuting, recreational riding or tackling challenging trails with an enduro machine without exhausting the rider.

connected cycling

Smart technology is increasingly being incorporated into bicycle design, offering a connected and data-driven riding experience. Devices such as the Garmin Edge series provide GPS navigation, performance tracking, and real-time data on speed, distance, and heart rate.

Furthermore, smart helmets like the Lumos offer integrated lighting, turn signals, and brake lights, enhancing safety and visibility.


Aerodynamics play a crucial role in bicycle performance, especially for competitive cycling. Innovations in aerodynamic design aim to reduce drag and improve speed.

Bikes like the Canyon Aeroad and the Cervélo S5 feature streamlined frames, integrated handlebars, and optimized tube shapes that allow riders to cut through the air more efficiently.

These designs are the result of extensive wind tunnel testing and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis.


Modern bicycles offer a high degree of customization, allowing riders to tailor their bikes to their specific needs and preferences. Brands like Canyon and Trek offer modular designs with interchangeable components, such as saddles, handlebars, and wheels.

This flexibility ensures that cyclists can optimize their bikes for different types of riding, whether it’s road racing, mountain biking, or casual commuting.

advanced suspension

For mountain biking, advanced suspension systems are essential for handling rough terrains and providing a smooth ride.

Innovations in suspension design, such as the Fox Live Valve and RockShox Flight Attendant, automatically adjust suspension settings in real-time based on terrain and riding conditions.

This technology enhances control, comfort, and performance, allowing riders to tackle challenging trails with confidence.


Innovative product design is revolutionizing the world of bicycles, making them faster, smarter, and more versatile than ever before. Whether you’re a competitive cyclist, a daily commuter, or a recreational rider, these advancements enhance every aspect of the cycling experience.

Stay ahead of the curve by embracing these cutting-edge technologies and enjoy the ride of the future today. And let us know if you need help developing the next generation of bicycles.

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