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Product design, engineering and development

Pushing the concept further into CAD development, prototyping and manufacturing.

Innovative concepts are the beginning. From then on the product development process starts. Every little detail needs to be designed and thought off.

experienced development team

Our senior development team helps you both with engineering, preparing for manufacturing and safety, certifications, assembly and finishing.
strategic industrial design of bicycles

details that define the quality

Product development is all about details. It is the part of the design process that defines the final quality of a product. Defining materials, running calculations or simulations, creating high quality 3D CAD models, testing with prototypes.
strategic product development

Before the product development stage

Of course the process from idea to a fully developed product does not start with product development and detailling. You might want to read more about the steps that come before product development, if you did not so already. About strategic design, innovation design and concept design.
Innovative product development and engineering in detail

bringing the concept to prototype P1

Let's go deeper into the product development process. The first important milestone is to bring the product design concept to a first fully functional prototype. We call this prototype the P1.

We use powerful 3D CAD software to develop the product. We design each part, create connections between the parts and integrate standard components. We select materials, production methods, treatments, possible coatings and colors.
Industrial design, from prototype P1 to PF

Innovative product development and engineering in detail

building prototype P1

More complex products might require integration of controls, wiring, hoses, motors, PCBs, transmissions, bearings or other technical components. Once that is done, we make assemblies, check tolerances and perform simulations or tests on functionality, weight, strength and stress.

During the proces of product development we optimise the design for manufacturability and assembly, according to design rules. In case we feel that a certain solution might include risk in terms of performance, ergonomics or functionality, we create prototypes to test specifically that risk.

It is now time to build a fully functional prototype. We have all the parts made, check all parts that come in and assemble a prototype, so we can test it.
Iterations, the road to perfection


In dozens of demanding product development projects, both in the fields of sports, bike, consumer and medical, we have gained experience with a large set of materials and work closely together with many vendors.

We have experience in using for instance bio-compatible materials like LSR (liquid silicon rubber), medical grade engineering plastics and medical metals. In sports applications we use high performance engineering plastics, like glass filled Nylons, PEEK or simpler ABS / PC types of plastics, as well as high performance TPE and TPU's. Apart from plastics we have experience with metals, like copper, magnesium, stainless steel and lightweight aerospace aluminium like AL7068-T6511.

For sports applications we gained experience in both natural as well as synthetic leathers and fabrics, both for shoes and bags.
product design, strategic design firm

Industrial design, from prototype P1 to PF

testing, norms and certification

Now we have a fully functional prototype, we can test it, both on ergonomics, functional solutions and performance. This could be also the moment to run first tests according to norms. This could be in the fields of medical certification, bike or sports norms, ESD/EMC, climate testing, reliability or durability.

We have experience in pre-testing products according to norms and helping our clients with certifications.
remarkable product development, full with innovations

iterations, making small improvements

After the first testing has been done on the prototypes one or more iteration cycles are needed to optimize the product, that is completely normal. It is better to take time now to make small adjustments then to rush towards manfucturing and having to make adjustments while the product is already on the market.

Depending on the complexity of the product and risks involved of entering the market with the product, we make a custom testing plan. We invite you to test with real users, but also impact tests, drop tests, functionality tests, temperatures tests, durability and performance tests could be useful.

After testing sessions the design will be slightly modified and we enter a new iteration cycle, with an improved prototype that will be tested again.
product design, strategic design firm

towards manufacturing

When the iteration cycle is finished, it is time to transfer the project to your manufacuturing department or an external team of manufacturing partners. You will receive the optimized 3D CAD files, 2D drawings and all other supporting documentation that is needed for manufacturing partners to start production. Our role from now on becomes more advising and helping you understand what is needed to start manufacturing.

As there are many details to think about, many things to test and many different ways how manufacturing companies operate, this might seem all very complex. We help you to evaluate risk and will guide you step by step through the process.

Lawrence Chiu

Maplez Racing Sports

"We worked with Alskar Design since 2012 and have completed over seven design projects across this period. The experience throughout this time with Alskar Design was professional, educational and enjoyable. For you to rest assured, we highly recommend Alskar Design to those who are looking for a truly comprehensive solution towards their product and business development."

Joep Rous

Philips Personal Health Systems

“I am impressed! I am positively surprised by the solutions that your product design firm came up with”
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