Exploring opportunities to grow: better user experiences, more IP, doing more good for people and planet.

Product innovation and product design helps you to strengthen and grow your business. When you offer new useful products you help people to improve their daily life and will gain for instance new market opportunities or intellectual property.

Business opportunities, product design and smart strategy

Product design of innovative and meaningful products works both ways. You help people to reach a higher quality of life by developing useful products and by doing so it will return positive business effects.

Innovative product design helps to open new markets, adds new intellectual property to your business, could make your business more environmental sustainable and helps to achieve better product experiences.
Product innovation of useful products

Philips ActiveLink 2.0

Product design Philips Activelink

Helping people to change to a healthier lifestyle

This wearable device is challenging people with over-weight and people that sit all day. It helps them to move more, take more often the stairs and get into a better shape and well-being.

Opening a new partnership

Product design opened a new partnership for Philips with Weightwatchers, serving as a new and large sales channel in the USA.

SMF Potok Bio-Inactivation 300

Product design Potok medical device

Creating absolutely clean air

The Potok bio-inactivation devices are medical devices that create an environment of absolutely clean air for people working as dentists or doctors, killing 99,8% of all viruses, bacteria and fungus.

Opening new international markets

Product design opened new markets in the EU. We translated Potok's high end space technology for air treatment that was used in the ISS space station into a line of medical products.

TÜV Sonovation TOFD

Product design ultrasonic device TOFD

Helping service engineers to work safer

The product design of the TOFD ultrasonic measuring device helps service engineers from TÜV to check the quality of welds in extreme climatological situations in a safer and more ergonomic way.

Better communication of the quality

The new product design not only helps the engineers to work quicker, safer and more accurate, but also communicates much better the quality of the device by its sophisticated shape, materials and integration of sensors, which helps to create confidence with clients.

Maplez DWS Z1 inline skate wheels

product design, inline skate

Challenging people to perform better and do more sports

By creating a new set of inline skate wheels that can change tires in a moment, Maplez Racing Sports is helping people to exercise more, reach higher sports performance and offers an environmentally sustainable solution.

Sustainable solution, new business model

The rim is made from a very durable aerospace aluminum that will last for many years. The tire is a recyclable replacement part, offering more customer loyalty and a much cheaper change of tires then replacing total wheels.

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Sustainable growth starts with product innovation

Your business needs design and pro-active product innovation to grow. Uncovering opportunities, good product design and initiating smart strategies are the building blocks that will help you.

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