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Radical innovation, development and design of performance sports products and services: e.g. inline skate wheels, basket ball sets, football gear, basketball shoes, bike helmets, ice skates, etc.


Design of medical devices, service design, e-health solutions: e.g. revolutionary air treatment systems for dentists and operation rooms, vital signs monitor, intercom systems, laparoscopic tools, etc.

Consumer Products

Industrial design, innovation and development of meaningful consumer products: e.g. audio products, music products, emergency products, kitchen tools, food storage, personal care products, home automation products.


Design and development of innovative tools and devices for professionals: e.g. measuring devices for the paperindustry, ultrasonic device for the offshore, cleaning device for the chemical industry, public toilet system for airports, etc.


Design of products and services for transporatation and mobility: e.g. hybrid commercial vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural machines, e-bikes, train interiors, scooters, e-mountainbikes, etc.

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