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How we work

We help companies to lead the pack. With innovative product design that solves real problems that people have. Explore our methods and approach.

for people

We design products with meaning. Product that make a real improvement for the user in terms of safety, performance, health or living conditions.

We will help you to put the user’s interests first all the time.

vision driven

We believe that good product design is based on vision and strategy, not on democratic decision making. Easy consensus is the enemy of great product design.

You hired us because we do something you cannot. We will not overload you with choice, but we will help to make good decisions.


Our design process consists of ideation, sketching, creating mockups, testing on users, making digital presentation sketches, building 3D models and continuously evaluating form and usability. During this concept design phase, we hold ‘look-in-the-kitchen’ sessions with your team.

We present concept directions in sketch-form, functional and technical solutions, manufacturability solutions and mockups. Together with you we discuss focus, risk, level of ambition and make a decision which concept direction to develop further.

We develop one concept, the best

Unlike the more traditional product design firms, we offer our clients one developed concept. We have a good reason for using these methods and approach.

By involving you early and deeply in the process with ‘look-in-the- kitchen’ sessions, we choose the best direction together, based on mockups, testing, and a solid design strategy. We show the path we took, the reasons for the decisions we made and will discuss the direction that we believe is best.

Instead of fully developing three or more concepts, from which only one will be chosen, we use our resources effectively to develop only the best direction towards a developed concept. Our clients do not want to make choices all the time, they want us to give them the best.

insight in budgets

It might be a bit uneasy to talk about money early in the process. But it is important to understand what kind of budget we could expect to work with to complete a product design project. This helps us to meet your needs. You can compare it to building a sailboat or an ocean liner. Both will be seaworthy.

If you are new to product design and development, then it is good to give you some rough idea’s about project budgets.

Tier 3 projects are in the range of 18 – 35.000 EUR for single products like a squash racket design. Tier 2 projects are in the range of 35 – 90.000 EUR for more complex products like a set of ski boots. Tier 1 projects are over 90.000 EUR for complex products with many parts, like a full suspension mountain bike.

Can you afford to hire a product design firm?

partnership and professionalism

We believe in partnership and working together. We make important decisions together, keep focus, weigh risks, test mockups and discuss design directions. We know our clients’ businesses, their challenges, and help them to innovate.

Over the years a high level of trust is reached, which leads to a great cooperation and successful projects. We ourselves continuously improve our methods, our way of communication, our teamwork, our processes and design skills.

project updates

Each week you will receive an email from us with a Project Update statement. We describe in this email the actions we have carried out last week and the actions we work on the upcoming week. This helps you to keep track of the project.

In the Project Update sheet you will find the project budgets, agreed extra work, actual spend budget, all purchased parts, invoices and agreements we made during the project.


We believe in giving products a great meaning and high quality, so that they will serve people long.

We also believe that new opportunities open up with circular design and new technology: products can be taken back, they can be re-manufactured and sold as new. They can be re-used or upgraded.

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