unique design process

We developed a unique and clear product design process that has proven itself in many complex design projects. The process helps to address risks early on and adds focus from the start.

design strategy

We help you build a solid design and innovation strategy. So that we have a clear focus when starting the creative work.

We design useful products for people. Product that make a real improvement for the user in terms of safety, performance, health or living conditions. Products that people will love.

This stage consists of observing users, studying and testing products with users to understand how they use, handle, control, and maintain products.

Apart from that we use research, design and psychology tools to create a visual Design Strategy document. This document defines the strategic direction for the design, interaction and functionality of the new product.

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innovation design

Before and during the concept design phase, we conduct targeted research, select important components and verify potential technical solutions with mockups. This helps us to quickly determine the feasibility of a particular direction.

When we develop bicycles, this is also the moment to create a first design of the  kinematics and geometry. As well as the selection of components, so that we can test all this in a test model.

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concept development

Now we can start our powerful design process. We use the input from the first stages to effectively design a new product concept.

This stage is mainly about creating sketches of innovative functional solutions, form exploration, creating ergonomic solutions, integration of components, connections and parts, quickly testing with rough mockups. 

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look in the kitchen

During the concept design phase, we have a so called ‘look-in-the-kitchen’ session with your team. We present concept directions in sketch-form, functional and technical solutions, manufacturing solutions and mockups.

Together with your team we discuss focus, risk, level of ambition and make a decision which concept direction to develop further.

one concept

Instead of fully developing three or more concepts, from which only one will be chosen, we use our resources effectively to develop only the best direction towards a full concept.

Our clients do not pay us to get more choice, they want us to advise them about the best direction.

After the ‘look-in-the-kitchen’ meeting, we develop the chosen concept direction in digital sketch form, with attention to shapes, product structure, materials and the various components that make up the product.

We create detailed sketches with cross-sections, splitlines, fillets, etc. in preparation for the technical development and 3D CAD modeling.

product engineering

Now the concept design is ready, we will develop a 3D CAD model of the product, with all technical solutions and details needed to create a functional model P1.

In the 3D model we integrate all the details about the detailing the frame, handlebar and fork, integration from bearings, axle and seat post, integration of drivetrain, battery and controller, fenders, chain protection and lighting.

Form parts will get their shape with 3D surface modeling, and apart from that we add more detail with fasteners, inserts, knobs, controls, wiring, tubing, motors, pcb’s and  other technical components.  Depending on the manufacturing technologies we develop wall thickness, edges, seals, ribs, supports and make material choices.

During the design process we evaluate all design solutions both with our senior industrial designers, product engineers and ergonomics specialist.

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This prototype P1 will be a functional model that will focus on testing the core functionality and ergonomics. This model will be very close to the final production product in terms of function. The appearance may still deviate, especially in complex projects.

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manufacturing support

After we have reached the first big milestone of creating a functional model P1 we are happy to support your team further to prepare your product for manufacturing.

We have a large network of production companies both in Europe and Asia that can help manufacture your product. We contact them and take care of the technical discussions with their manufacturing engineers.

Based on the first tests with the functional prototype and the discussion with manufacturing engineers, we help you with detailed engineering. We make the CAD models ready for a next optimized prototype P2 and ready for production at the selected manufacturing location.


We have supported many certification and testing processes. Together with notified bodies like TUV, Dekra and others, we can help you in the certification process of your product.

quality & assembly

We can help you run the first small production batches with the selected manufacturing suppliers. We support with communication, quality issues and assembly optimizations.

The goal is always to support your company in establishing direct contacts with suppliers, clearing issues with their manufacturing engineers, signing manufacturing contracts, setting up quality support and moving to a smooth production process. 

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