design of medical devices

We design and develop complex medical, care and laboratory products that are used in obstetric departments, neonatal units, operating rooms, care homes and laboratories.

wheelchairs, mobility scooters

At this moment there are several wheelchair projects under development, which are not able to show yet, like offroad wheelchairs for kids, electric wheelchairs and foldable electric mobility scooters.


This device is used for the study of breast cancer and involvement in the axilla by positron emission tomography (PET).

PET uses small amounts of radioactive materials called radiotracers or radiopharmaceuticals, a special camera and a computer to evaluate organ and tissue functions. By identifying changes at the cellular level, PET may detect the early onset of disease before other imaging tests can.

This system is similar to conventional mammograms, but with several important differences. There is no need for a mammography equipment “cap” that hides the X-ray tube. Also there is no need to compress the breast as the technology remains in fixed positions, thus making the procedure a less unpleasant experience.

The device is equipped with wheels, which allows it to move around. It has a place to sit, although it can be used both sitting or standing.

potok virus bio-inactivation

The Potok 300 bio-inactivation device is a high quality medical air treatment device, specially build for applications in the hospital and for dentists.

The medical device is based on Potok technology used in the Mir orbital station and the International Space Station.

The technology is based on special nano materials and bio-inactivation technology to kill 99,8% of all viruses, bacteria and fungus.

The devices operate in obstetric departments, neonatal units and operating rooms to serve as a highly efficient supplementary infection control device.

labonovum ser-col

Ser-Col reduces the amount of blood required for standard blood analyses. Approximately 95% of all blood collected from patients for laboratory diagnostics is discarded at the end of the day.

In practice, this means mean that – for the vast majority of blood tests – a single finger prick producing 5 drops of blood would suffice. In these cases there is no more need for needles nor test tubes.

The Ser-Col allows patients to do this at home when and where they see fit. The Ser-Col also serves as a ventilated storage item; allowing the client to send their blood sample by post to the laboratory.

Ser-Col starts from a special strip of LF paper that seperates the red blood cells from the plasma. After this separation, which takes place in thirty seconds, the serum is stable for months at within a vast range of temperatures.

Once the Labonovum laboratory receives the sample, the strip of paper is removed from its housing and the blood serum can be analysed fully automatically.

fastfocus vsm

This vital signs monitor is continuously monitoring the blood pressure, movements of the patient, oxygen saturation in the blood and a few other parameters.

This information helps doctors decide to move patient to the regular wards earlier. Or allow people to go home earlier, which is beneficial for both hospital and patient.

The position behind the ear is the best place to measure acceleration and movement of patients. We developed the full product from strategy to manufacturing.

This product helps Fastfocus to expand their highly effective measuring technology and software developed for livestock – to monitor the condition and well being of cows – into a whole new direction by making it available and tailoring the technology for the medical monitoring of humans.

PAM e-health system

The Personal Alarm Monitor helps care homes to work more efficient, while offering excellent care. The base unit comes together with a PAM wrist alarm, providing patients with blindness, epilepsy, ALS, Duchenne, Muscular Dystrophy, Huntington OR dementia a safe, relieable and pleasant means of communication with the nursing staff at a distance.

The system makes care at a distance, or e-health, possible, while giving patients real attention and peace of mind.

The system has been designed with both audio and visual feedback, which is unique in the market. When pressing the alarm button, the system is able to speak in 28 languages, giving the status of the call and informing the patient about the status of the alarm call and calming them down up until a real nurse takes over and answers the alarm call to try and establish contact with the patient and assess the situation.

Also the LED ring gives information whether the call has been received and how long it will take before a nurse will arrive, by showing a countdown.

Philips Vital Signs Monitor AM3

The Philips AM3 Vital Signs Health Monitor has an incorporated heart pulse sensor, color display and touch buttons for easy operation.
Wear the Health Monitor for 8 days to get an accurate assessment of your health and activity level.


With Frels® your glasses are always at hand and never lose grip. They allow your eyewear to be stored around the neck preventing it from falling or slipping.

You can wear your glasses with Frels attached, without any discomfort. Frels are made of high-quality biocompatible material and manufactured in Switzerland in compliance with the strictest standards.


Aiming at high performance and quality, we did extensive research to determine the most appropriate materials concerning flexibility, heat resistance, oil resistance, grip, sensorial property and safety. Intensive testing ensured that Frels do not compromise the use of glasses, remain comfortable at all times and guarantee a safe skin contact.

Usability was an important issue throughout the development process: Frels can be easily attached, removed and reattached to the temples of your eyeglasses.


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