jobs & internships

We are always interested in meeting talented industrial designers. If you feel you perfectly would fit our team and approach, then you are most welcome to contact us, even if we have no open positions listed.


At this moment we have the following open positions:

selection process

We use a selection process where we read and check all incoming portfolio’s within a few days, and then we will let you know if we would like to set up a meeting with you. If we have sent you an email that we would like a meeting, then we would always want to see you in person, so that we can learn to know each other and you could meet the team. Unfortunately we do not select team members on the basis of an online interview.

For us it is interesting to see in your portfolio something about your design process, your choices and your skills in different area’s like aesthetics, sketching, research, 3d design, model making and engineering.

EU passport

Due to legislation we can only accept people that hold a valid EU passport.


Please send your PDF portfolio including CV to [email protected]. All information you send to us should be in English or Dutch. Please make sure that you send your portfolio as an attachment in PDF format with your application.