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Innovation design, new breakthrough solutions

Innovation design comes with finding great solutions for real problems. Building and testing prototypes as early as possible is crucial.

building and testing

In many of our projects we run a stage of proof of principle design, a stage of finding solutions.

Mostly a solid design strategy has been made, so that we know the direction, yet solutions still need to be found. To find really new solutions we believe strongly in experimentally building and testing new ideas.

We do research, ideation, build mockups, test them and run multiple cycles of iterations. With a great team and the right mindset, this is the way to create breakthrough innovation.

“How can we measure vital signs like heartrate and oxygen saturation on a patients head, when the patient is just coming to the ward from a heavy operation?”

research and development

In many projects we do research. This could be research into physical subjects, like testing the static electric bonding of sand to a surface during gliding, impact of an object into a certain material to be used in icehockey or in other subjects like exploring cultural differences between people about how they experience the interaction with a system.

In our research we use results of academic research, experimental research, information found in patents and results from testing ourselves with existing solutions or new solutions.

The goal of this research is not to publish in the academic world, but to gain fundamental knowledge about a very specific subject that will help us to find new solutions.

“Can we make basketball accessible for children of 5 years old, while the core of what basketball really is, should remain intact?”

proof of principle

Once the research is done, we start creating first rough solutions, evaluating them on functionality, ergonomics and use.

For a good evaluation it is always needed to build test setups and proof of principle prototypes, which help us to test assumptions in real life conditions.

“How could we improve the working conditions and quality of measurements on welds, that test engineers run for the offshore and oil industry?”


Running quick cycles of iterations on a set of proof of principle mockups is a great way of developing the idea’s into potential concepts, or drop the solution if it appears to be unstable, non reliable or just inferior compared to other solutions.

When we found a promising rough solution, we take it further into the concept design stage and product development stage.

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