Industrial design of products for professionals

We design and develop very specific products that help professionals to do their job right. Great styling, high quality ergonomics and robust functionality come together in these products.

For the pro's in hard conditions

Our professional products are used by operators and service engineers in complicated conditions, for instance in a hot paper-factory, in the chemical industry or in a cold Siberian climate in the oil industry.
Industrial design of professional measuring device

TOFD / PE ultrasonic measuring device

The TOFD / PE (time of flight diffraction and pulse echo) device is a very high quality ultrasonic measuring device, developed for TÜV Rheinland Sonovation, that is used to check and certify the quality of welds. The device is used in heavy machine building, oil and gas industry and offshore activities.

The device uses ultrasonic sound pulses to create an insight view of welds, thus making it possible to assess the quality of welds in a non-destructive manner. The measuring data is send by means of a pre-amp to an industrial laptop for analyses.



Industrial design of professional tofd measuring device


Industrial design of professional ultrasonic measuring device


Industrial design of professional measuring device for offshore


Industrial design of automatic toilet system

CSM automatic toilet system

This fully automatic toilet system has been designed specifically for public spaces, like airports and offices. The patented system places a new soft paper layer on the toilet seat before use, so that the user is absolutely sure of a clean toilet seat.

The system is more hygienic then competing systems, that offer to clean the seat, but in many case wipe dirt over the rotating toilet seat. Because the user actually sees that a new paper seat cover is being laid down on the seat, he or she is absolutely sure it is clean. The system very well resembles the mental model that especially female users have and copies natural behavior of women.



Industrial design of automatic toilet system for Vendor



Alexander Nagolkin

SMF Potok Inter

"We appreciate the design of the 300 unit, visitors of the Arab Health fair in Dubai and the Medica were very pleased with the product."

Bjorn Snijders, Wim Timmer

TüV Rheinland Sonovation

"We are content with the present design solution, it is a great step forward communicating the quality we deliver.”


EAS shop system industrial design

Technobee EAS for retail

This EAS system provides theft protection and at the same time monitors and analyses the flow of customers and customer behaviour in store's.

It combines both real-time people counting, real-time inventory tracking and theft protection in a ceiling mounted system, offering shop owners unprecedented possibilities into sales statistics, shop security and shop automation.

The design is characterised by maturity and seriousness, communicating a precise and efficient functionality.



industrial design of a EAS  system


industrial design of tensio measuring device

Tensio+ paper machine tension measuring device

The design offers a total new look & feel compared to competition, with a strongly improved user friendliness and much better measuring results. The device measures the mechanical stress in the press and drying felts of a paper machines. These felts are more or less like conveyor belts, on which the paper pulp is drying and pressing.

Conventional measuring devices give large differences in measuring results between users, even when they at the same time measure on the same spot, but also the absolute deviations can go up as high as 100%.

With the Tensio+ this absolute deviation was lowered to less then 5% and also the differences between users has disappeared by using smart measuring technology and software.



industrial design of capto fabric clamp

Capto fabric clamp for paper industry

Handling of paper machine fabrics and felts during a machine stop can be a hard job. The Capto helps making the installation of a new felt or fabric a safer job.

Forming fabrics are expensive and delicate; press felts are heavy and stiff; dryer or canvas fabrics are long and stiff; all are difficult to grab and pull into the machine. Time pressure and high temperatures mean that the working conditions are not always ideal. The Capto clamp eases the process by making the handling a lot easier.



industrial design of tool for concrete drilling

Crossmate Measuring Device

A small effective and beautifully styled hand tool for professional concrete drillers.

The device helps to shorten the time of measuring and positioning of the concrete drilling machine and prevents making errors when drilling holes in concrete. The hole in the knob forces the user to measure straight and reduces the chance for errors.

By means of relatively simple design solutions concrete drillers would gain on average about 2 hours per week, which makes tens of thousands of euro's savings per year for an average company with 4 drilling-employees.

The product has been succesfully patented.


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