good industrial design

You want to shape the future with good industrial design. We help you develop the best sport products, medical devices, tools and bicycles of tomorrow.

growth and relevance

There are different strategies to grow your business. Most people think of growth in terms of increasing sales or entering new markets with the same products.

But developing new beautiful, innovative and most of all meaningful products is another great strategy to stay relevant and grow.

Like a new wheelchair that is more stable and safer. A carbon e-bike with better suspension. Or a new racket sports that challenges kids to play more.

good product design

“The development of the best products of tomorrow is driven by leadership.

It is not about the wishes of the masses, not about consensus, but all about vision and the drive to solve human problems.”

why work with us

meaningful products

Meaningful products are products that really solve a problem that people have. That help them perform better in sports, that help them to get healthier, or make them work safer.

“Is there a way we could kill 99.8% of all viruses, bacteria and fungi in the air in an operating room?”

“How can we make a chemical reactor turnaround happen in half the time, while being safer for our people?”

“How can we create a cargo ebike platform that is great to ride and also very family friendly?”


Even if you have a great plan to develop a new product, you may experience that within your organization innovation is not going fast enough. Or not in the right direction.

You might develop a product for the first time, and you lack the experience and people to make it happen.

Decision-making, an unclear strategy or a lack of experience might be obstacles. But also a wrong mindset, falling in love with a bad concept, failing too late with prototypes or not enough autonomy for a team are pitfalls.

We know the obstacles. And we can help to overcome them.

how we work

“We work with Alskar Design since 2012 and have completed over seven design and innovation projects across this period. The experience throughout this time with Alskar Design as strategic product design firm was professional, educational and enjoyable. “

Lawrence Chiu​ / Maplez Racing Sports

“I am impressed! I am positively surprised by the solutions that your industrial design firm came up with”

Joep Rous / Philips Personal Health Systems

“Great experience with a professional and creative product design company!”

Antoine le Cuziat / Kipsta Decathlon

“Thank you for the productive meeting today! So many ideas going in the right direction, it’s amazing!”

Ceylan Duran Üçgün / BASI systems

“Today our team reviewed your presentation, all of us think it’s a great bike design.”

Kristen Ying / ZBG ebikes

“We appreciate the design of the 300 unit, visitors of the Arab Health fair in Dubai and the Medica were very pleased with the product.”

Alexander Nagolkin / SMF Potok Inter

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