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Focus and riskmanagement

While developing the design strategy and designing the new product, we actively help to get and keep focus.

Role in life

We make sure that the product will be able to play an important role in the lives of end users, will be honest and will have a powerful story. It will add to communicating your strategic business values. To manage the iterative process of product design in the best possible way, we use a few powerful practical tools to manage risks and to give you maximum grip on the design process.

Risk assessments

On important design decisions we help you to make weighted choices, based on expected risks, costs and added value that appear not only in the development stages but also later during certifications, assembly and production.

Project Updates

Each week you will receive an email from us with a Project Update statement. We describe in this email the actions we have carried out last week and the actions we work on the upcoming week. This helps you to keep track of the project. In the Project Update sheet you will find the project budgets, agreed extra work, actual spend budget, all purchased parts, invoices and agreements we made during the project.
design management

Transfer and support

Our strength and passion lies in developing user-friendly products and solutions. Therefore we run the product development and 3D CAD modelling in house, so we can review the results in prototypes and run tests on usability and interaction. With the help of our 3D CAD data, 2D drawings and transfer report the manufacturing partner(s) can start their mould engineering. Sometimes they do this in house, sometimes they outsource parts of this process.

This is a process of optimizing for their manufacturing process and parameters, running mould flow and warpage analysis on some critical parts, choosing the final material blend and masterbatch for the right color, developing automation and testing set-ups for high volume manufacturing.

Our role from now on typically becomes consulting the partner(s) with design details and keeping an eye on the partner(s) to respect the chosen surface design, function, interaction and ergonomic solutions in the product. During a first conversation about your project we will tell you all about this and many other matters that are involved in product design and product development.

Design reviews

Quality and risk management is important to us. Therefore during each stage of the process validations are done to help us design concepts with minimized risks.


We are used to work on confidential projects. We have standard non-disclosure agreements that can be signed before starting a request for quotation procedure.

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