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We bring an innovative mindset, experienced designers and powerful tools on board.

We offer you the creative power of our design team. We help you to lead the pack. With products that solve real problems.

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The services we offer are the building blocks to achieve innovation and leading product design. From strategy development, breakthrough solutions till optimizing for manufacturing.

Our senior designers have the expertise to recognise the right design direction in hundreds of sketches, will help you make decisions and know all about product design, ergonomics, engineering and manufacturing.
Industrial design, design strategy

Strategy and Research

During this first stage of a project we build the foundation for the product, the strategic vision. We effectively come to a design direction for the new product, without making a single sketch yet. We make use of design-, strategy- and psychology tools to come to a vision and direction. This helps to create a meaningful products that are relevant to people, not only today but also tomorrow.

Are you unsure about new opportunities?

We can also use the Strategy and Research phase separately to identify new innovation opportunities. To discover which problems you can solve for your users with our powerful strategic, ergonomic, psychological and design tools. Write us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Industrial design, functional design

Innovation Design

Whether we design a high performance sports product, a new service or a complex medical product, innovation comes with exploration. We do research, quick cycles of iterations, testing with mockups to come to new ways of looking at problems.

Industrial design, concept design

Concept Design

We master the art to translate the design strategy into the best product concept. Concept design is all about making choices and running iterations. In the end we offer you one developed concept, the best. Our clients want to be involved and they want us to present them the best concept design, based on a strong vision.

Industrial design, product development

Product Development

Our recipe for quality products is based on innovative product development, solid 3D CAD engineering and a process of continous prototyping and testing solutions. The first step of product development is taking the concept further towards a fully functional prototype P1.

Industrial design, circular design

Circular Design

Becoming more circular and cradle to cradle is the future. It's better for nature and better for your business, with the potential to cut up to 50% on product costs. With our practical tools we help you create new business models, opportunities for remanufacturing and re-use. We rethink energy use, recycling and material selection.

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Do you need a breakthrough in product design?

We can help. Our senior product design team develops great meaningful products. And innovates quicker.

Share your challenge with us, we are happy to listen. Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at +31 20 820 2211.

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