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What we do

Our design specialism is the development of pioneering new products. In sports, in the medical world, for professionals and for consumers.

our strenght

Companies work with us to get off the beaten track. To innovate faster and reach a leading position.

Our experienced designers have the expertise to recognize the right design direction in hundreds of sketches, help you make decisions and know everything about product design, ergonomics, engineering and production.

Design specialism

strategy and research

During this first stage of a project we build the foundation for the product, the strategic vision. We effectively come to a design direction for the new product, without making a single sketch yet.
We make use of design-, strategy- and psychology tools to come to a vision and direction. This helps to create a meaningful products that are relevant to people, not only today but also tomorrow.
Design specialism

innovation design

Whether we design a high performance sports product, an industrial tool or a complex medical device, innovation comes with exploration.

We do research, quick cycles of iterations, testing with mockups to come to new ways of looking at problems.
Design specialism

concept design

We master the art to translate the design strategy into the best product concept. Concept design is all about making choices and running iterations.
In the end we offer you one developed concept, the best. Our clients want to be involved and they want us to present them the best concept design, based on a strong vision.
Design specialism

product development and engineering

Product development is all about details. This is the part of the design process that determines the final quality of a product.

We use advanced 3D CAD software to build models of the product with all information about materials, connections, wall thicknesses, textures, colors, tolerances and production methods, for example.

In addition, we integrate components, pneumatics, fasteners, hydraulics, electronics, sensors, bearings, transmissions, actuators, cables, straps and soft paddings in the product.

We build fully functional prototypes in-house and subject them to heavy tests on site or at a laboratory.

Design specialism

sport innovation

The sports products developed by our team are groundbreaking, with real innovative solutions that help people perform better.
Advanced 3D CAD programs help us design complex and high-quality plastic and metal parts. In addition, we have a lot of experience with soft materials such as padding for shoes and ski boots, materials for balls, bags and shirts.
Design specialism

bicycle design

We help bicycle companies to innovate. With pioneering product design, powerful strategy and robust engineering.

We supplement our knowledge of ergonomics, kinematics and geometry with our passion for mountain bikes and cycling, in order to achieve ever better bicycles.

An in-depth network in the bicycle components industry, combined with experience in aluminum and carbon frame construction, ensures that we are a solid partner for small and large bicycle brands.

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