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Development and design of bicycles

Product design and innovation services that help you lead the pack. From idea till production.

You want to shape the future. Build bicycles that perform better. Or e-bikes that are more comfortable. Or a new cargo bike mobility concept.

get a head start

We help bike companies to lead the pack. With outstanding product design and smart engineering.

Like a full suspension mountain bike that offers more confidence to the rider. Based on improved geometry, outstanding kinematics and high end component selection.

Or a completely new drive train with extreme fast gear shifting for e-bikes.

strategic industrial design of bicycles

we are riders

We ourselves are mountain bike riders and cyclists, driving a lot abroad, but also daily through the Amsterdam traffic on city bikes and carbo bikes. We know what works and what does not work.

We help your team with building a visionary design strategy and creating breakthrough solutions. After that we refine the proof of concepts with award winning product design and robust product development.
bike design, bike engineering, kinematics

Kinematics and geometry

In our bike development, we use sound design and simulation techniques to arrive at the best solutions for suspension, the best kinematics and good geometry. We design, build and test prototypes on usage, performance and durability.
bike design, bike engineering, kinematics

mountain bike design, mobility engineering

bicycle engineering

We can run a full bicycle engineering and development project, from strategy till preparations for manufacturing. High end 3D CAD programs help us to build complex surface models of carbon or aluminium frames. Our deep contacts with many suppliers in the bike industry help us to select and test the right components and drivetrain solutions.
mtb development, carbon design

carbon or aluminium frames

We design and develop frames and suspension parts from aluminium and carbon. Close cooperation with a number of selected manufacturers in Europe and Asia help us to come to the best layup schemes and material selection.
bicyle design, cargo bike development

distinctive design

Riders are central in our design, whether it is a top athlete who will race for days on an enduro mountain bike through the Alps, or a mother who will safely transport her children on an electric cargo bike through the city traffic. In addition, strategic design is an important aspect of our process, so that the product fits seamlessly with your brand identity.
e-bike development, bicycle design

start with a powerful strategy

Each project will start with a strategic phase. A phase in which we build a powerful strategy based on usa analyzes, vision, brand identity, core meaning and other psychological tools.

By building this strategy, the design of the future bicycle, e-bike or other vehicle is not a question of taste, but of vision. It will be a product that fits seamlessly with the near future and the people that will use the vehicle.

Why clients choose for us

We work with large bicycle manufacturers as well as with small companies that want innovative solutions for mobility, or that want to develop new sports bikes or cargo bikes. These are relationships based on trust, a shared passion for cycling and values that fit well together.

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