Our design team of experienced industrial designers and product engineers works daily on the development of medical, sports, consumer and professional products.

Core design team

We love our jobs and enjoy contributing to products that can help people in their daily life: in their sport, in their job, at home or when curing illness.

design team

Andreas Knol

strategic design & founding partner

He loves great design that contributes to change in people's lives. He is idealistic, yet understands very well the way business is done and how strategic design can help. He loves to challenge clients to rethink business models and do more with the powerful tools that design offers. He leads the design team both in design strategy, creativity, ergonomics and technical development.
  • over 10 years of experience in strategic design, concept design, ergonomics and product development for clients like Philips, Decathlon, Mourik, Swisscom, TUV Rheinland
  • has a university degree in business administration and design engineering
  • worked on dozens of design projects for consumer, professional, sport and medical applications.
  • lived a couple of years in Russia and speaks Russian
  • loves traveling, having interesting encounters with people on history, politics, religion and philosophy.
design team, industrial design team

Mats Hellman

senior industrial designer

He is an experienced designer that has made his mark in the design world by designing consumer products, mobility solutions and professional products. Apart from his daily design work he is project leader on a couple of projects.
  • has over 10 years of industrial design experience
  • has partially a Finnish background, lived both in Hongkong and Japan
  • worked for two esteemed design studios in the Netherlands on both professional, consumer, sports, bike and agricultural products
  • is a team-player and knows how to get the utmost out of a design
  • experienced in developing products from idea to final detailing towards manufacturing
  • was part of the Olympic sailing team back in 2004
design team

Menno Kroezen

senior industrial designer

He likes many aspects of design; from user-centered research and concept development to implementation and project management. Menno loves the challenge to find the sweet spot each time through an iterative process with regards to ergonomics, aesthetics, interaction and manufacturability. Apart from his daily design work he is project leader on a couple of projects.
  • has over 10 years experience in industrial design
  • graduated from the Design Academy and the Royal College of Art
  • worked for renowned design firms in the Netherlands on both professional, consumer and medical products
  • developed a medical vest to calm down kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • loves making mockup iterations and quality CLASS A surface models
  • designed a medical device to locate and treat pelvic dysfunction after pregnancies.
design team

Elske Wiegerinck

senior industrial designer

She has years of experience as industrial designer of both consumer, sports, medical and professional products. Elske loves designing smart, beautiful and user friendly products that make people smile. She is a master in quick creative iterations, making smart functional solutions combined with great styling. Apart from her daily design work she is project leader on a couple of projects.
  • almost 8 years of experience in the field of industrial design
  • graduated from the TU Delft, with specialization Medical Design
  • worked for renowned design firms in the Netherlands on both professional, consumer and medical products
  • developed an innovative arm-support for surgeons in the operation room
  • loves making mockups for quick functional and user testing from all kinds of material, including ceramics and fabrics.
  • designed a scoot-mobile for elderly people, that can be folded without having to bend the back.
design team

Maria Kouzmina

ergonomics & founding partner

With her background in social psychology and ergonomics she works on user research, observations from people in their interaction with products and ergonomic design principles. Apart from that she runs many operational and marketing processes in the studio.
  • has a university background in history and social psychology
  • she is founding partner of the design firm
  • focused on human factors and ergonomics
  • supports the team with human behavior research, ergonomic design and new idea's, technologies and materials.
design team, industrial design team

Carlo Hackelöer

industrial design engineer

For him strategic thinking and its application on technical- and design-concepts are essential for a successful product. Besides attention to form and the user, he is very interested in making products feasible, high quality and with excellent functionality.
  • has a degree from the University of Wuppertal in Industrial Design Engineering
  • is open, communicative and accessible
  • designed and developed a completely new-developed chain-saw for Manitoba
  • experienced in developing products from idea to final detailing towards manufacturing, always with focus on the user behind the product
  • has excellent 3D CAD engineering skills, as well as experience in materials, manufacturing technology, prototyping, testing and bringing products towards industrialization
design team, industrial design team

Klaartje Laane

industrial design engineer

Klaartje is getting really enthusiastic of the combination of design and technology, solving complicated puzzles and developing something that she can fully support, that has real value to end users. Her father is an architect, design is in her genes. She loves to work hard and tackling problems, is an enthusiastic team worker, comes up quickly with alternative solutions and empathizes with the end user.
  • graduated Industrial Design Engineering in Rotterdam
  • passed an Industrial Design Honours Program
  • focus on sustainable honest products, Cradle to Cradle, Circulair Economy and Human Centred Design
  • sailing, skating, volleyball running and soccer are imported sportive elements in her life
  • worked some time as an industrial designers in Africa
  • has excellent 3D CAD skills, experience with materials, manufacturing technology, prototyping, testing and industrialisation of products.
design team

Eelco Siebring

senior industrial designer

He is a very experienced industrial designer, with great feeling for form, and has been part of the Alskar team from the very beginning. He managed and designed dozens of projects with focus on great styling, usability and innovation. Next to his work at Alskar Design he is active in the field of 3D design of products for movie pictures with Diepfris.
  • has a TU Delft industrial design background and is over 10 years active in the field of industrial design
  • from his hand are dozens of product designs, both medical, consumer, sports and professional products
  • he brought many projects from idea's to concepts and through detailed engineering into manufacturing
  • has a focus on great styling and high quality surface modeling for every product
  • traveled one year around the globe to meet cultures from all continents


Where we feel it would help us to do a better job on a project, we may bring in collaborators to help us. Mostly these contractors are working in the field of product testing, product certification, electronics, software, manufacturing and assembly. We do not work with freelance industrial designers on our projects, all the design work is being done by our core design team.

Confidentiality of project and client information is important, so when contractors need access to confidentical information, they will sign a mutual NDA with us and will receive only small bits of project information that is specifically relevant to them.

Educational cooperation

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