design strategy, essential to achieve results as quickly as possible

Design research and strategy

A design strategy is needed in order to come to a concept direction in the most effective and quickest way. The design of a product is not a matter of taste after all.

defining direction

We conduct research and use many design and psychological tools to build a design strategy. Ultimately it results in a visual strategic document of 60 to 80 pages. This document helps determine the strategic direction for the concept design, interaction and functionality of the new product.

A design strategy phase can also be carried out as a separate project. Especially if it is not yet clear in which direction you want to innovate, which problems you want to solve. Write to to discuss what is best in your situation.

direction based on identity

We reflect on your company identity and strategy and give fresh new insights on the product, its context and potential new business opportunities.

Our experience is that these strategic design tools are so powerful and the vision will be so clearly defined and built up, that the concept design will be a very logical next step.

direction based on core meanings

During the design strategy creation, we define the core meaning of the product with a powerful psychology tool. The 15 core meanings are scientifically proved to be universal among people’s values. All cultures seem to recognize their significance. This means that there is a certain consistency among human needs that transcends the distinctions of culture and language.

We select one or two core meanings that best fit your product. These meanings best describe the relationship between the user and your product: what role will the product fulfill in the user’s life. After selecting the core meanings, we translate them into potential shapes, materials, colors and textures.

direction based on use

Observing, studying and interviewing users is a crucial part of the design strategy to understand the good and bad qualities of competitive or own products, in order to understand the mental model of users and from there achieve improvements.

User observation and research is not about market data, but about observations and experiences of a small user group, in order to get their idea’s, irritations and reactions, as the basis for the new product. During the project we keep testing with mockups and prototypes on users and in our team, so that we get the best interaction and ergonomics solutions.

direction based on function and form

Research into patents, dismantling of competitive products, analysis of working principles and materials can also be part of the design strategy. To get direction in the field of function.

Powerful visual tools help us to create a form direction, without actually designing yet anything.

Once the design strategy is there, we will meet your team to discuss, create focus and to make a start with the concept design.

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