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We design and develop innovative new sports and outdoor products, like basketball targets, helmets, rackets, balls, ski boots and more. We are happy to help with our specialized knowledge.

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The design of sports products is a dynamic and ever-evolving field that requires a balance of creativity, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of the athlete’s needs.

We aim to create equipment and apparel that enhance athletic performance, ensure safety, and elevate the user experience. From the aerodynamic contours of a cyclist’s helmet to the cushioned soles of a runner’s shoe, the design of sports products involves meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of both the sport and the athlete’s needs.

understanding the needs

The foundation of any successful sports product design is a thorough understanding of the athlete’s needs. First of all products must be designed to improve an athlete’s performance. This can include reducing aerodynamic drag in cycling, enhancing grip in tennis rackets, or providing optimal traction in running shoes.

Our designers will consider how to protect athletes from injuries, which involves understanding biomechanics and the physical stresses associated with specific sports. And ergonomic design ensures that products fit well and can be used effectively without causing discomfort or fatigue.


    We start off with research into the use of the sports or outdoor product on location, observations of players, technological limits, innovation opportunities, company identity and many other factors that are important for a successful design project.

    The research leads to a 60 – 80 pages strategy document with a clear innovation focus, potential risks and visual identity of the new product. This document serves as a strategic guide throughout the total project.

    Our designers use anthropometric data to tailor products to different body types and sizes, ensuring a proper fit for a diverse range of users.

    Understanding the mechanics of human movement helps our designers create products that work in harmony with the body, reducing strain and enhancing efficiency.

    Involving athletes in the design process through user testing and feedback ensures that products meet real-world demands and preferences.

    concept development

    Through rapid cycles of sketching our design team investigates many potential rough idea’s for the design of the sports or outdoor products.

    We identify and choose the best concept design directions from all the possible ideas and always make choices based on testing, experience and strategy.

    During the concept design phase, we hold a ‘look-in-the-kitchen’ session with your team. We present directions in sketch-form, functional and technical solutions, manufacturing options and mockups.

    Together we discuss focus, risk, level of ambition and push the design direction further into a sports product concept that will be developed further.


    The first important milestone of the product development is to bring the concept to a first fully functional prototype. This first prototype we call the P1.

    In the next step we use powerful 3D CAD software to develop your sports product. We design the parts, choose components, select materials, choose production methods, treatments, possible coatings and colors.

    The choice of materials is critical in sports product design. Innovations in material science have led to the development of advanced materials that offer superior performance:

    Carbon fiber and other lightweight composites can be used in products like bicycles, hockey sticks, and tennis rackets, providing strength and stiffness without adding weight.

    Advanced textiles such as moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating fabrics are essential in sports apparel, keeping athletes dry and comfortable.


    Both during the concept and engineering phases we build prototypes. Early prototypes are mostly more like mockups and could be 3D printed. They are used mainly for testing final shapes, ergonomics and engineering solutions.

    At the end of the engineering stage we build the first P1 full functional prototype. These prototypes are high quality, often CNC milled, coated, with graphics and fully functional.

    The P1 prototype will be tested, both on functional, ergonomic and performance aspects. We document all the learnings and develop improvements in stability, cost, weight and performance. Mostly this leads to an updated prototype P2.

    After one or sometimes more cycles of improvements the product is ready for manufacturing on a larger scale.


    Raqball is a collective racket sports. A new sport, with elements from different sports.

    Like in other team sports played with a ball, players dribble, pass, cooperate and shoot at the target. A team achieves victory by scoring the highest number of points from shots on the target.

    A sport requiring not only dexterity, strategy, and precision, but also intensity, it suits both families and committed competitors.

    We designed and developed both the target, the high-end carbon rackets, a large bag to carry one target and the team vests. And we ran the process of bringing the total set of products to manufacturing.

    dws z1 inline skate wheels

    Maplez DWS Z1 is a sleek, streamlined, high-performance and eco-friendly wheel system that weighs less than 155 grams, yet it’s highly durable due to its unique alloy rim.

    The wheel has unparalleled strength and speed. Additionally, it requires less material and time to replace. The elimination of a non-recyclable plastic core makes the process of changing wheels better for the environment and it’s revolutionizing the skating industry.

    “The interchangeable rim/rubber concept is a perfect example of ecological sport product design. It’s also a great example for how to implement proven principles into the action sports industries. In addition, the user will carry less weight and spend less on the exchange of wheels.”

    Jaka Benedik

    kipsta easyball

    The Easyball is an innovative football which you can easily take with you. The ball consists of 6 identical plastic parts which form a ball when you assemble them together. It is very compact, flat-packed and there is no more risk of punctures!

    We designed the ball in such a way that we can use 89% recycled plastic, the remaining 11% of plastic is new, forming the outerlayer.

    It is now possible to train and play every moment of the day, allowing you to reach your goals faster. Become as good as your hero, whether it is Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar or de Jong.

    Instinctiv Kodiak

    The Kodiak is a line of high-end carbon mountain bikes. The bikes are masters of rough terrain with their athletic design and extremely plush suspension.

    The Kodiak bikes are equipped with high-end German made Pinion gearbox drivetrains.

    They come in four different models, from the Kodiak 130 for fast trail riding with 130mm rear suspension up to the Kodiak 150 with coil, ready for enduro races.

    All models share their enduro genes, long and slack athletic design and the patented PUMA multilink suspension.

    Dynamic Aero Helmet H1 Carbon

    Unique on-demand aerodynamic helmet, intended for inline skating and cycling. The helmet features a strong light-weight structure that enables the althlete to switch from ventilation mode to aerodynamic mode during the ride, offering a 3% drag reduction.

    The helmet weigh less then 260 grams (medium size) and offers a detachable safety rear light.

    Naturally the helmet complies with both the EN 1078:2012 norm and the US CPSC norm.

    azorean fl

    Azorean Football is a new sport, played on grass fields. The sport is a mix of football, rugby and American football, with a new set of rules. The ball is thrown by hand or kicked in different trajectories.

    The ball has a unique aerodynamic shape, allowing players to play the ball with different types of trajectories, depending on the direction of the opening during the flight.

    We are product designers. Our team is based in Amsterdam and specialized in bicycles, e-bikes, mobility, sports and medical products.

    Our products were tested, manufactured, won races, won awards and are used worldwide.

    We can support your team from an early idea, through research, strategy, ergonomics, kinematics, component testing, concept design, full detailed engineering, prototyping till production.

    We invest in our people and will not hire specific people for a project. Because we want to keep valuable knowledge inside of our own team.

    Apart from that we fully finance ourselves. We are not part of a group, we have no bank loans and no investors. All with one reason: to be a stable, independent industrial design partner for you.

    This makes that both start-ups as well as multinationals love to work with us.

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