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Development of medical products

We design medical, e-health and laboratory products that are used in obstetric departments, neonatal units, operating rooms, care homes and laboratories.

Fastfocus Vital Signs Monitor

vital signs monitor, product development of vital signs monitor

vital signs monitor, product design of vital signs monitor

vital signs monitor, product design of vital signs monitor

vital signs monitor, product design of vital signs monitor
This vital signs monitor is continuously monitoring the blood pressure, movements of the patient, oxygen saturation in the blood and a few other parameters. This information helps doctors to decide to let patients go to the normal wards earlier. Or let people go home earlier, which is both good for patients and hospitals. The position behind the ear is the best place to measure acceleration and movement of patients. We developed the full product from strategy to manufacturing.
This product helps Fastfocus to use their highly effective measuring technology and software not only in the agricultural market, where it is used to measure well being and medical condition of cows, but also in the medical market.

Potok 300 bio-inactivation device

product development of medical devices

product development of medical devices

product design of medical device

product design of medical devices

industrial design of medical devices
The Potok 300 bio-inactivation device is a high quality medical air treatment device, specially build for applications in the hospital and for dentists. The medical device is based on Potok technology used in the Mir orbital station and the International Space Station, using special nano materials and bio-inactivation technology to kill 99,8% of all virusses, bacteria and fungus.
The devices operate in obstetric departments, neonatal units and operating rooms to serve as a highly efficient supplementary infection control device.

PAM e-health system

product design of a personal alarm monitor

product design of a personal alarm monitor
The Personal Alarm Monitor helps care homes to work more efficient, while still offering excellent care. The base unit comes together with a PAM wristdetector, providing patients with blindness, epilepsy, ALS, Duchenne, Muscular Dystrophy, Huntington of dementia a safe and good way of communication with nursing personnel on a distance. The system makes care on a distance, or e-health, possible, while giving patients real attention and peace of mind.
The system has been designed with both audio and visual feedback, which is unique in the market. When pressing the alarm button, the system is able to speak in 28 languages, giving the status of the call and calming down the patient until a real nurse on a distance takes over. Also the LED ring gives information whether the call has been received and how long it will take before a nurse will arrive, by showing a countdown.

Philips Health Vital Signs Monitor

Industrial design of Philips Medical Monitor, Vital Signs

Industrial design of Philips Medical Monitor, Vital Signs

Industrial design of Philips Medical Monitor, Vital Signs

Industrial design of Philips Medical Monitor, Vital Signs
The Philips AM3 Vital Signs Health Monitor has an incorporated heart pulse sensor, color display and touch buttons for easy operation.
Wear the Health Monitor for 8 days to get an accurate assessment of your health and activity level.

Maarten-Jan van Fulpen

Fast Focus

"Last year we have successfully worked with Alskar Design in the product design of a e-health solution. Both business and creative wise Alskar Design is a very pleasant and professional partner. Andreas' experience and drive is very inspiring. The close collaboration with the design leads to a successful design process and both functional and good looking product design."

Alexander Nagolkin

SMF Potok Inter

"We appreciate the design of the 300 unit, visitors of the Arab Health fair in Dubai and the Medica were very pleased with the product."

Joep Rous

Philips Personal Health Systems

“I am impressed! I am positively surprised by the solutions you came up with”

Boudewijn Hoekstra

Niko Home Automation

"Alskar Design is a well-organised, creative and flexibele hardware design firm. Andreas is an intelligent and easy-going person. Did some good development for parts of the Niko Projects solution."

Niko 5G Medical tablet

Industrial design of a medical tablet

Industrial design of a 5th generation medical tablet
By means of this newly developed tablet computer, residents of care-homes can life longer by themselves and easily control many things in their homes, like heating, lighting and ventilation.

Because of the excellent audio characteristics of the product, a conversation can be set up with medical personnel on other locations. An integrated camera helps to set up a life chat with a doctor.
The product is powered by a powerful low energy 1.6Ghz Intel Atom processor, with fast integrated SSD memory, so that a smooth response of the system is guaranteed. Controlling the product is done by a multitouch capacitive touchscreen, known from modern smartphones and consumer tablets.

approval of medical devices

We work with strong partners to help our clients with the approval of medical products, including general approvals for CE.

We assist with documentation and testing for medical certifications such as 93/42 / EEC, ICE 60601 or FDA Class I or II.

PAS personal medical alarm

medical design of a personal alarm system for hospitals

medical design of a personal alarm system for hospitals
A medical alarm system, where the user can call for assistance in the hospital or care homes.

The rubber strap is designed in such a way that while the patient sleeping and turning in bed, the cable can never become dangerously attached around the patients neck.
Observations and sessions with medical personnel helped us to design a product that was closer to the daily routine of the medical staff, fitted their mental model better and made their work easier, while taking away the danger for the patient.

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