design of mobility products

We are experts in mobility design, including scooters, urban bikes, wheelchairs and mobility scooters. All with the goal to help people to be and stay mobile.


We conduct research and use powerful design tools to build a design strategy.

When it comes to mobility of elderly, like in the case of mobility scooters or wheelchairs, ergonomics is playing an important role in our research and testing.

We develop detailed idea’s and direction on geometry, kinematics, drivetrain components, assembly components and sizing strategy.

Ultimately this results in multiple visual documents that form the strategic development direction.


Kinematics and folding is an important aspect of the development of wheelchairs and mobility scooters to make sure they fit in the booth of a car or in the plane.

We use powerful CAD software, simulations and mockups to test the folding principles of the new product and check the dimensions in folded position.

concept development

Through rapid cycles of sketching our senior designers investigate many potential design idea’s and test this with early mockups.

We identify and choose the best concept design directions from all the possible ideas and always make choices based on testing, experience and strategy.

During the concept design phase, we hold a ‘look-in-the-kitchen’ session with your team. We present directions in sketch-form, functional and technical solutions, manufacturability solutions and mockups.

Together with your team we discuss focus, risk, level of ambition and push the design direction further into a concept that will be developed further.


The first important milestone of the engineering is to bring the concept to a first fully functional prototype. We call this first prototype the P1.

We use powerful 3D CAD software to develop the product. We design all parts and select materials, production methods, treatments, possible coatings and colors.

3D CAD simulations and tests with prototypes are used to achieve maximum performance at minimum weight.

In addition to a set of 3D CAD files, the bill of materials and 2D drawings are made during the transition to production.


During the development phase we build prototypes. Early prototypes are 3D printed and mainly for testing final shapes and engineering solutions.

Full size prototypes are the last step before manufacturing. They are very high quality, often CNC manufactured, coated, with graphics and fully functional.

comin scooter

The new Comin’ is light and foldable, making it the perfect companion on short trips. The patented s-curved steering column makes sure that the scooter is large enough to ride, but can be folded compactly.

It has been equipped with a powerful foot-operated brake, offering great braking performance during wet weather conditions.


Enjoy new freedom with this electric wheelchair. The wheelchair rides up to 6 km/h and can be folded into a small package that can be placed in a car.

The seat is adjustable and fold-up armrests make it easier to get into the seat. The brushless and maintenance free motor is powerful and quiet.

Our design studio developed this wheelchair from the bottom up, although we took into account all experience that our client had with the older generation wheelchairs.

Starting from strategy, concept design and folding kinematics, we continued with the full 3D CAD development up to a production ready level and intermediate scale models to test functionality.

forcome e-bike

This new crossover ebike for the US market is using elegant, yet aggressive forms in the frame to communicate the sporty and adventurous character.

The bike is targeted at people above 50 years of age that like to use the bike as a leisure bike, going out into nature and taking a gravel path now and then.

Big tires and a slightly sporty geometry give the bike some offroad genes, while the rear hub motor and nicely integrated battery give the bike the looks of a bio-bike.

fold x

Light, foldable and good looking. The new mobility scooter offers a great degree of freedom, rides up 6 km/h and can be folded into a small package that can be placed in a car or the plane.

The four wheel setup gives the mobility scooter great stability, while the compact dimensions make sure that people can easily maneuver.

We designed this foldable mobility scooter from the bottom up.

Starting from strategy, concept design and folding kinematics, we continued with the full 3D CAD development, multiple prototypes, integration of electronics and drivetrain, early software and production support.

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