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Design of mobility, bicycles and vehicles.

We are riders. We love bikes and vehicles. Products that are fun to drive. Products that help people to move safely and professionals to work effectively.

From mountain bikes to commercial vehicles

We design and develop bikes, scooters, e-bikes, sharing systems for urban mobility and everything that is connected to mobility. And also body parts and interiors for trucks, construction equipment, agricultural machines, trains, trams or other means of transport. The products we design combine new design elements with innovative solutions where people are at the heart of everything.
bicycle design, bicycle engineering, kinematics, suspension

Design and bicycle engineering

In our development process of bicycles, scooters, e-bikes or other mobility products, we use thorough design and simulation techniques to come to the best suspension solutions, best kinematics and great geometry. We do not stop at a great concept, but take the design further into the engineering develoment stage, creating high-end aluminium or carbon frame solutions in CAD, select the best components and run extensive tests with prototypes.
bicycle design, bicycle engineering, strategy, development

Clear strategy first

The future design of a bicycle, scooter, mountainbike or e-bike is not a matter of taste, but of strategic direction, based on meaningful innovation. Remarkable products are not the results of a democratic decision making process, but of vision.

Undomestic M7 mountain bike

Industrial design, product development MTB, mountainbike, bike, bikes, bicycles, enduro, trail, all-mountain
The M7 is as good as it gets. The most confidence inspiring mountain bikes. Exclusive, full-carbon, high performance. No reason anymore to blame the material.
The full suspension mountain bike has progressive kinematics, forward geometry, a perfectly balanced weight distribution and a low center of gravity.

Comin' Scooter

scooter design, e-bike, bicycle design

scooter design, e-bike, bicycle design

scooter design, e-bike, bicycle design

scooter, bicycle design

scooter, bicycle design

scooter, bicycle design
The new Comin' is a joy to ride with dramatically improved comfort because of its air tires and geometry. It is light and foldable, becoming a perfect companion on short distance urban trips. The patented s-curved steering column makes sure that the scooter is large enough for adults to ride, and yet can be folded very compact and stored in a train luggage compartment or a small car booth.
The scooter has been equiped with a powerful drum brake, that is operated by foot, thus leaving the typical scooter interaction in tact, and offering great braking performance during wet weather conditions.

Practical, non-bureaucratic and tested approach

We involve your team early in the design strategy stage and unique ‘look-in-the-kitchen' sessions, where we make strategic decisions as equal partners. Decisions are based on the strategy, innovation research, functional mockups, industrial design shape studies, technical solutions and ergonomic research, leading to one single best concept.

During each stage of the process validations are done to help us design products with minimised risks, while keeping possibilities open for breakthrough innovations. Our unique approach is practical, non-bureaucratic and tested in dozens of projects.

Dynamic Aero Helmet H1 Carbon

bike helmet, e-bike, bicycle design

bike helmet, e-bike, bicycle design

bike helmet, e-bike, bicycle design

bike helmet, e-bike, bicycle design

bike helmet, e-bike, bicycle design

bike helmet, e-bike, bicycle design
The Dynamic Aero Helmet is an innovate hybrid design, merging aero-lid dynamics with road helmet functionality. Along with the best level of protection and style, this helmet's main feature is its ability to decrease drag by flipping back to an aerodynamic shape, or increase ventilation and changing airflow to cool you down as you ride your bike.
The carbon fibre shield atop the helmet allows you to adjust your preferred airflow on the fly while you ride, without getting stuck or tugging on your head. This main feature can be used if you're riding in inclement weather, you need to cool down, or if you are ready to race.

Volvo L350I Hybrid Wheelloader

Volvo Wheelloader, vehicle industrial design

Volvo Wheelloader, exterior design

Volvo Wheelloader, exterior design
In cooperation with Volvo Construction Equipment we designed the L350I Hybrid, a concept study for a future successor of the present L350F. The Volvo L350I Hybrid is a 52-tons wheel loader, designed to withstand the toughest operating conditions such as face loading freshly blasted rock. The machine is equipped with an efficient Volvo diesel engine in combination with plug-in hybrid technology, offering at least 15% - 25% lower fuel consumption than its size class competitors.

The hybrid system includes powerful electric linear actuators, to replace hydraulic cylinders and the hydraulic pump. While lowering the load, electric energy can be regenerated by the same linear actuators. Braking will result as well in energy regeneration, while accelerating is assisted by the electro motors. Short term jobs can be done completely electrically, after which the batteries can be charged again with a fast charger.
In the new styling we added typical Volvo design elements to the body, created dynamic air inlets and a strongly articulated cabin design: leaning slightly forward, communicating focus and visibility. The cabin has been detached from the frame and air suspended for less vibrations in the interior. Access to the engine compartment has been made easier, the mudguards do no longer need to be removed. The sloped mudguards themselves have been designed more robust, offering better shielding. The radiator has gotten better standard protection against objects penetrating the rear radiator while driving backwards.

Another improvement has been made on the staircase, which became more integrated in the vehicle, easier accessible, keeping clean from mud while climbing into the cabin with dirty boots. The cabin comes with a glass roof, with sun protection shielding, for an open driving experience. The easy access doors are equipped with double hand-grips for easy entry into the cabin, both from the stairs as from the mudguards. On the front and back side an improved light design accounts for better sight at night.
Volvo Wheelloader, exterior design

Volvo Wheelloader, exterior design
When it comes to the interior, we have listened to the machine operators very well. During test-drives that we performed on several machines, we listened to and observed drivers in their daily work. We found multiple opportunities to improve the interior design.

Everything in the interior redesign has been focused on creating a peaceful, quite and comfortable space for the driver, with intuitive ergonomics and high quality materials, that help focus on driving responsibly fast, safely and sustainable.
Focus and concentration for the operator are translated in a high quality leather chair with most controls for driving and operating the machine integrated in the arm-rests. The steering wheel has been removed, in that place a high resolution display combined with analog clocks has been placed for optimal feedback on driving and vehicle information.

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