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We design and develop innovative complex medical and care products that are used in hospitals, operating rooms, laboratories and at peoples homes.

lymph PET

This device is used for the study of breast cancer and involvement in the axilla by positron emission tomography (PET).

PET uses small amounts of radioactive materials called radiotracers or radiopharmaceuticals, a special camera and a computer to evaluate organ and tissue functions. By identifying changes at the cellular level, PET may detect the early onset of disease before other imaging tests can.

This system is similar to conventional mammograms, but with several important differences. There is no need for a mammography equipment “cap” that hides the X-ray tube. Also there is no need to compress the breast as the technology remains in fixed positions, thus making the procedure a less unpleasant experience.

The device is equipped with wheels, which allows it to move around. It has a place to sit, although it can be used both sitting or standing.


Enjoy new freedom with this new electric wheelchair. The wheelchair rides up to 6 km/h and can be folded into a small package that can be placed in a car.

The seat is adjustable and fold-up armrests make it easier to get into the seat. The brushless and maintenance free motor is powerful and quiet.

Our design studio designed this wheelchair from the bottom up, although we took into account all experience that our client had with the older generation wheelchairs.

Starting from strategy, concept design and folding kinematics, we continued with the full 3D CAD development up to a production ready level and intermediate scale models to test functionality.


Light, foldable and good looking. The new mobility scooter offers a great degree of freedom, rides up 6 km/h and can be folded into a small package that can be placed in a car or the plane.

The four wheel setup gives the mobility scooter great stability, while the compact dimensions make sure that people can easily maneuver.

We designed this foldable mobility scooter from the bottom up.

Starting from strategy, concept design and folding kinematics, we continued with the full 3D CAD development, multiple prototypes, integration of electronics and drivetrain, early software and production support.

potok virus bio-inactivation

The Potok 300 bio-inactivation device is a high quality medical air treatment device, specially build for applications in the hospital and for dentists.

The medical device is based on Potok technology used in the Mir orbital station and the International Space Station.

The technology is based on special nano materials and bio-inactivation technology to kill 99,8% of all viruses, bacteria and fungus.

The devices operate in obstetric departments, neonatal units and operating rooms to serve as a highly efficient supplementary infection control device.

labonovum ser-col

Ser-Col reduces the amount of blood required for standard blood analyses. Approximately 95% of all blood collected from patients for laboratory diagnostics is discarded at the end of the day.

In practice, this means mean that – for the vast majority of blood tests – a single finger prick producing 5 drops of blood would suffice. In these cases there is no more need for needles nor test tubes.

The Ser-Col allows patients to do this at home when and where they see fit. The Ser-Col also serves as a ventilated storage item; allowing the client to send their blood sample by post to the laboratory.

Ser-Col starts from a special strip of LF paper that seperates the red blood cells from the plasma. After this separation, which takes place in thirty seconds, the serum is stable for months at within a vast range of temperatures.

Once the Labonovum laboratory receives the sample, the strip of paper is removed from its housing and the blood serum can be analysed fully automatically.

fastfocus vsm

The FastFocus Vital Signs Monitoring System is intended for frequent, non-invasive measurement of functional oxygen saturation of arterial haemoglobin (O2-saturation), pulse rate, respiratory rate during standstill, measurement of physical activity, including posture and exercise intensity.

The goal is the monitoring of rehabilitation and early detection of deterioration in adult patients. The Vital Signs Monitoring System is intended for use by healthcare professionals in healthcare facilities.

The position behind the ear appeared to be the best place to measure acceleration and movement of patients.

We designed the full product from strategy to manufacturing in cooperation with FastFocus, including user research, strategy, concept design, product engineering and integration of pcba’s.

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