design of industrial products

We design and develop complex professional tools and industrial devices that are used in factories and building sites in extreme working conditions.


We conduct research and use powerful bicycle design tools to build a design strategy.

Apart from research into what the competition is doing, we dive into potential new opportunities, company identity and create the future look and feel of the bicycles.

We also develop detailed idea’s and direction on geometry, kinematics, drivetrain components, assembly components and sizing strategy.

Ultimately this results in multiple visual documents that form the strategic development direction for the new bicycle or ebike.

concept development

Through rapid cycles of sketching our senior designers investigate many potential rough bike design idea’s and test this with early mockups.

We identify and choose the best concept design directions from all the possible ideas and always make choices based on testing, experience and strategy.

During the concept design phase, we hold a ‘look-in-the-kitchen’ session with your team. We present directions in sketch-form, functional and technical solutions, manufacturability solutions and mockups.

Together with your team we discuss focus, risk, level of ambition and push the design direction further into a concept that will be developed further.


The first important milestone of the bike development is to bring the concept to a first fully functional prototype. We call this first prototype the P1.

We use powerful 3D CAD software to develop the bike. We design all frame parts, pivots, bearings, rockers and integrate standard components. We select materials, production methods, treatments, possible coatings and colors.

3D CAD simulations and tests with prototypes are used to achieve maximum performance at minimum weight.

In addition to a set of 3D CAD files, the bill of materials and 2D drawings are made during the transition to production.


During the development phase we build prototypes. Early prototypes are 3D printed and mainly for testing final shapes and engineering solutions.

Full size bicycle prototypes are the last step before manufacturing. They are very high quality, often CNC manufactured, coated, with graphics and fully functional.

Mourik m-lance

Charging and discharging reactors is a critical job that demands the highest levels of safety and efficiency. Mourik is one of the few companies in the world that have mastered this task.

The M-lance is an highly complex automated system for discharging reactors. The system reduces the down-time of the reactor by approximately half. Thanks to the M-lance, work in the reactor is much safer and only one quarter of the people are needed compared to manual discharging.

Our design and engineering firm has developed the product from scratch. Starting with several proof of principle setups that were tested in chemical plants in the Netherlands and abroad, a first start was made with the pneumatic motor and controller system.

Later more sophisticated prototypes were developed, with fully in-house developed PLC automation, highly complex drive cassettes and air operated motors.

We manufactured a small series of machines in house and run tests in Qatar, the USA and Germany.

solar hybrid inverter

The new ASW hybrid single phase inverter series brings powerful upgrades to the features found in its award-winning easy-to-install design.

The hybrid inverters from Solplanet bring solar to everybody. This powerful, reliable series of inverters delivers higher efficiency using advanced dual-phase shift control technology, an improved charge-discharge process and incredibly fast parallel-to-off-grid switching.

Plus the precise intelligent EMS control continuously tracks and adjusts photovoltaic panel power, battery power, load power, and online power.

With an IP66 certification for indoor or outdoor installations, performance is assured no matter the weather conditions.

TOFD / PE ultrasonic measuring device

The TOFD / PE (time of flight diffraction and pulse echo) device is a very high quality ultrasonic measuring device, developed for TÜV Rheinland Sonovation, that is used to check and certify the quality of welds. The device is used in heavy machine building, oil and gas industry and offshore activities.

The device uses ultrasonic sound pulses to create an insight view of welds, thus making it possible to assess the quality of welds in a non-destructive manner. The measuring data is send by means of a pre-amp to an industrial laptop for analyses.

Mourik M-ty

The M-Ty is a handheld device attached to the M-Lance. While the M-Lance is carrying out a run, the operator performs a cross-check of the previous batch of pipes with the M-Ty. This way of working eliminates the tedious and time-consuming manual check that used to be necessary after unloading the reactor. This saves valuable turnaround time and removes potential faults.

The M-Ty measures with a constant airflow whether the tubes are completely emptied. If this is the case, a green marker appears and the operator closes the tube with a green cap. If the tube is not completely emptied, a red marker appears and the operator shields the tube with a red cap.

When finishing unloading, the top tube sheet is covered with green and some red caps. The red spots needs to be reworked, until all of the top sheet is green. This way the M-ty contributes to an efficient and secure unloading process.

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