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Product design for consumers

We design high quality consumer products used by children, do-it-yourselfers, musicians, home chefs, parents, audiophiles and many others.

Philips Activelink

product design of a Philps Activity Monitor

product design of a Philps Activity Monitor

product design of a Philps Activity Monitor
The ActiveLink is a state-of-the-art Activity Monitor developed with Philips and Weightwatchers for the market in the United States.
It offers an online coach and diets from Weightwatchers to help people with serious overweight to achieve a healthier lifestyle.


product design of glasses accessoires

product design of glasses accessoires

product design of glasses accessoires

product design of glasses accessoires

product design of glasses accessoires
With Frels® your glasses are always at hand and never lose grip. On your head, ears or neck: keep in touch with your glasses. They allow your eyewear to be stored around the neck preventing it from falling or slipping. You can still wear your glasses with Frels attached, without any discomfort. Frels are made of high-quality biocompatible material and manufactured in Switzerland in compliance with the strictest standards.
Aiming at high performance and quality, extensive research was undertaken to determine the most appropriate materials concerning flexibility, heat resistance, oil resistance, grip, sensorial property, safety. Intensive testing ensured that Frels do not compromise the use of glasses, remain comfortable at all times and guarantee a safe skin contact. Usability was an important issue throughout the development process: Frels can be easily attached, removed and reattached to the temples of your eyeglasses.

Microjungle Safaro

product design of glasses accessoires

product design of glasses accessoires

product design of glasses accessoires

product design of glasses accessoires
The biodynamic shape, the pressure regulator and the clever locking system guarantee a safe fermentation process and easy handling.
Thanks to its easy cleaning and transport options, the Safaro is indispensable. Not only as a kitchen helper, but also as a companion in the office or at a picnic with friends.

Product development of consumer products

We pay special attention to design strategy, vision and identity, user research and design styling. This process of consumer product design also requires research, high-quality materials, safety standards and innovative solutions.

Swisscom Home Control

Industrial design of smart home
Step by step our homes become smarter, both in the fields of communication, monitoring of energy use, lighting, security and ventilation.
This Home Control Center helps to monitor and control multiple smart home functions and is a platform for communication.

Line of home products for Keeeper

Industrial design of consumer products

Industrial design of consumer products

Industrial design of consumer products
Keeeper stands for Everybody, Everything, Everywhere, Enjoy living. This line of home products is challenging and motivating, helping people to keep on keeping.
The products are focussed on long lasting, BPA free, food proof.

Roadie Tuner

Industrial design of an automated Guitartuner

Industrial design of the Roadie automated Guitartuner

Industrial design of the Roadie Guitartuner
The Roadie Tuner is a full automatic guitar tuner, working together with your smartphone. Fine tune your guitar in a matter of seconds. Simply connect Roadie to the tuning peg, strum any string, and watch Roadie perform the tuning.
The Roadie App allows you to create a profile for your instrument, it keeps track of your strings quality, would advise you when it’s time to restring, and logs your instrument maintenance information.

Streaming audio music center

Industrial design of music center consumer electronics
This music centre offers the possibility to enjoy music through the house. Utilizing wireless streaming music technology, the music on iPod's and Laptop with iTunes can be accessed by means of the easy to use remote control.
The product has a hard drive on board, iPod docking station, CD / DVD player and internet radio. The product got international attention, as well as from Apple, and the Apple Benelux distribution channel offered to run this product in their 600 stores.

Evert Jaap Lugt

NGTI Swisscom

“I am happy we came to a great design. I gladly connect my name to this."

Lawrence Chiu

Maplez Racing Sports

"We have been working closely with Alskar Design for the past 3 years. Never any problem working with nice people. Very professional, organised, smart, strong vision and yet extremely easy going people. I would strongly recommend Alskar Design to those who need support in industrial design and product engineering projects. They are the team!"

Joep Rous

Philips Personal Health Systems

“I am impressed! I am positively surprised by the solutions you came up with”

Boudewijn Hoekstra

Niko Home Automation

"Alskar Design is a well-organised, creative and flexibele hardware design firm. Andreas is an intelligent and easy-going person. Did some good development for parts of the Niko Projects solution."



Noodlamp Emergency Lamp

Industrial design of emergency lamp
In many cases emergency services are loosing time in the last few hundreds of meters approaching an accident or emergency. Navigation systems are very powerful, but in many situations the last part is still hard: a flat building has multiple entries, in a newly-build area some streets are still not in the navigation system, street numbering in the navigation does not match with reality or in very remote area's in the darkness, where it is hard to find a small road leading to a farm or remote house.
That is where this powerfull emergency light comes in, giving a strong visual signal to the ambulance or police where to find the scene.

The emergency light is using 8 very strong power LEDs which are visible during full daylight at a distance of about 400 meters.

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