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2017/9 Design Magazine

The fashion and textiles industry are very polluting. As a fact they are the second polluting industry in the world after the oil industry. Surprising, but true. Time to raise some more awareness. We realise more and more that [ ... ]

2017/8 Design Magazine

The world population grows every year. The housing problem gets sharper. Whether we build housing on water, underground or going high into the sky, one thing stays: we need building materials! Micro-organisms as a building co [ ... ]

2017/7 Design Magazine

Unfortunately often recycling of li-ion batteries means creating low-grade additives for construction materials, incineration or landfill. While we all have li-ion batteries in our phones, laptops or power tools. A new pilot pla [ ... ]

2017/6 Design Magazine

An ever increasing number of experiments are done in the field of circular development of products. In spite of the fact that it is very complex - touching practically every part of organizations and the economy - it's gre [ ... ]

2017/5 Design Magazine

Volvo is testing a pioneering self-driving refuse truck that potentially is going to be used across the urban environment. The truck is better for the driver, more economical with fuel and safer in traffic. Self driving  [ ... ]

2017/4 Design Magazine

When the design team of Lapierre set about developing their latest e-mountainbike, they were adamant: no compromises. With this radical approach they created an unique frame with a split downtube in carbon. Overvolt AM800 C [ ... ]

2017/3 Design Magazine

Potential major breakthrough for electric mobility: a solid state battery with 3 times the energy density, super fast charging and no capacity decrease up to -20 degrees Celsius. Revolutionizing energy storage Image: Fast [ ... ]


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