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Andreas Knol
founder & ceo

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Send us an email at hello@alskar.com or call us at: +31 20 820 22 11.
We are happy to listen to your situation and the plans you have in mind to develop a new product.
As soon as we know more about the project, we will check whether the project would fit to us. If so, we will send your a first step-by-step plan with budget indication and timeline by email. Don’t worry, if the project doesn’t fit to us, we’ll honestly tell you.
If the project fits to us and the budget indication is within your expectations, we will schedule an (online) meeting and make an official quotation for you. Making the quotation will take us a couple of working days.
Take the time to read the quotation carefully and if everything is fine, than we get started working together.

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kromhouthal, Amsterdam

Our industrial design studio is located in the Kromhouthal, a great creative location, just on the shore of the river IJ in Amsterdam, close to the Central Station.

The location has a rich history, starting in 1908 when the family Goedkoop started shipbuilding activities on the site. After they developed a succesful engine, they needed a factory and in 1925 built a manufacturing plant for diesel engines. In 1966 the factory was sold to Stork, who started to manufacture equipment for the food industry in the plant. In the 80’s the industrial activities were moved to other locations and the factory was empty for a long time.

In 2009 the social housing corportation Eigen Haard bought the site, re-named the site to ‘De Overkant’ and transformed the old factory into a creative hotspot.

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