A new, better name

Alskar symbolizes going where no one went before.

Since the end of March 2017 we have a new name. Alskar Deign is your partner for creativity, visionary innovation and high quality product design.

Same people, same location, new name

We were not acquired, nor did we merge with another company. We are independent as before in the days of Bluelarix Designworks. We are located at the same location in Amsterdam, with the same team of designers. We felt that a new name could help us to better tell our story. The name Alskar is an unknown place. Its sound reminds to regions like the valley of Zanskar, Alaska or Madagaskar.

Alskar symbolizes going where no one went before. Developing products that have never been made. Exploring the boundaries of strong innovation and product design. Our crew is well prepared, we have the best tools, smart methods, decades of experience and will lead your expedition into product design and disruptive innovation.

New logo, natural colours

With a new name comes a new logo. We keep our pallet of natural colours, which fit to our theme of exploration. We also keep a dynamic brand style: we use 5 colour sets and based on that multiple combinations of our logo.
New Alskar Design logos

Ready to lead your expedition

Our team at Alskar is ready to help you in all aspects of product development, including ecological strategies, ergonomics, iteration, robust product engineering, high-end class-A surface modeling, manufacturability, business models, materials, prototyping, IP, costing and design for assembly.

“Exploration is wired into our brains. If we can see the horizon, we want to know what’s beyond.”

Buzz Aldrin

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