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We see opportunities, solve human problems and develop the products of tomorrow. From idea till functional prototypes and manufacturing support.

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design and innovation

“We help our clients to lead the pack with products that are meaningful to people. As a result their business grows.

We love to join forces. You will be involved deeply in the product design process, while we help you make balanced choices.”

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worldwide from Amsterdam

We are international as a team, with different backgrounds, different languages. 

Our clients are based all over the world, both in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and North America. No matter whether your company is located close or far from us, we collaborate in a personal and very involved manner.

why work with us?

Our clients want the products of tomorrow. They hire us to create breakthroughs, go off the beaten tracks. To do something they can’t do themselves. So they can continue to grow.

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who we are

We have a passion for design and innovation. Every design firm knows that products are not the answer to all problems, but the products we design really help to do good.

Our products won awards and are used worldwide successfully.

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