2020/1 design magazine

Get inspired by the latest innovations, like Prickly pear cactus plastic, Fliteboard eFoil, Kakaofriends, YX ONE and more

Prickly pear cactus plastic

Sandra Pascoe Ortiz has developed a bioplastic that takes advantage of the properties of succulent plants that are found all throughout deserts. The material has the ability to disappear in three months outdoors or in just two weeks if in contact with water. Ortiz herself even tasted the material during the development of the research to prove its safety if consumed by animals in the wild or sea creatures in the oceans. Even if any of this material makes its way into the ocean, it won’t be a problem if eaten; and even if not eaten, it will soon enough dissolve and disappear!

Fliteboard eFoil

The Fliteboard eFoil is an amazing new way to ride water. It carves like a snowboard as it flies above the water. Even without wind or waves. In complete silence.

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The walking bicycle

Inspired by Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest, this symbiosis of a bicycle and walking robotic creature is indeed unique and to some extent arty and poetic.

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The Bassins de Lumieres

Located in a former WWII submarine base, the Bassins de Lumières will present monumental immersive digital exhibitions devoted to major artists in the history of contemporary art. The submarine base’s surface area is five times that of the Atelier des Lumières in Paris. The digital exhibitions will be perfectly adapted to the monumental architecture of the base and will be reflected in the water of the four enormous basins, thereby adding a new dimension to the immersive experience. Visits will be conducted on gangways above the water and along the quays of the enormous basins. The exhibition will be open to public starting april 17, 2020.


Link, a sole-based shoe, combines the strength and support of shoes with the ease and the comfort of a flip-flop. A wrapping heel counter, side ribs and a slight toe box extend up from the sole to better secure around the foot. It’s a shoe without an upper, a flip-flop without a thong or straps.

Lithium-Ion Scrunchies

A battery you can bend, roll, twist, scrunch, fold and flex.They are ultra-thin, flexible, and rechargeable as wel. Jenax wants to power a new generation of wearables with its flexible batteries. “What we’re doing at Jenax is putting batteries into locations where they couldn’t be before,” says Shinm. “Such as a sensor-lined sports helmet to measure pressure and force of impact, a medical sensor patch that will be embedded in clothing to monitor a wearer’s heart rate; and wearable power banks in the form of belts and bracelets.”


A collection of seven IoT home appliances including two healthcare products: a humidifier, lamp, alarm clock, air cleaner and sensor as well as a scale and thermometer. All seven products were given a simple and analogue “white bowl” as a base and a silicon “icon” which symbolizes the different functions. The humidifier’s icon is “vapor”, the scale’s is a “cloud” which symbolizes the desire to be light-weight, the lamp has a “ray of light”, the alarm clock has a “small bird” that chirps an alarm, the air cleaner has a “flower” that flutters by the wind, the thermometer is expressed through “perspiration” produced from getting a fever, and the sensor is in the form of a “periscope”.

Jeep e-MTB

The American automobile manufacturer Jeep developed it’s own electric mountain bike, in partnership with all terrain electric bike producers Quietkat. They claim it’s the most capable off-road mountain bike yet.


An Ireland-based design team has combined design elements from an unlikely mash-up of three activities: Skateboarding, rodeo riding and windsurfing. Then they added off-road tires in a reverse-trike configuration, and here’s the result.

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