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Get inspired by the latest innovation, like the Neurochat, EinDollarBrille, Spot and african designers that designed for IKEA


The Paddenstoel (the mushroom) becomes 100 year old this year. Edward Swier has written a great ode to the Paddenstoel, that we happily support. Firmly rooted, immovable in all weather conditions and always honest. Seven km is really seven km.

De Paddenstoel was designed by architect Willem Leliman and is low to the ground, wonderfully small, engulfed by nature, showing you the way. The cycling path was, just after the First World War, also a serious matter. More and more cars were entering the road during those days. The cyclist – a man of standing – worked for a road of his own, for safety and comfort.

Source: www.bicycling.com


The german based industrial design team Haus Otto are working alongside the non-profit organisation EinDollarBrille. The project explores methods of bending a cheap material, such as wire, to allow those in need to make their own eyewear for only one dollar.

The team aims to create a broad spectrum of solutions as well as placing a great importance on allowing people to express themselves and their unique personality by the glasses they wear. The idea aims to support local people by creating new jobs. By providing all the necessary bending tools and teaching people how to use them to make the glasses, the project intends to facilitate a level of autonomy within developing countries.


The Neurochat system gives an opportunity of network communication for people who cannot speak or move; to people with such a diagnosis as cerebral palsy, cerebrovascular disease, multiple sclerosis and other neurotraumas. The product helps people to communicate with medical personnel, relatives, friends and the whole world.

NeuroChat is a hardware and software system, which includes Neuroheadset ‘Garant-EEG’ and special user interface ‘ErgoStim’, running on the user’s computer. The headset registers the patient’s neurophysiological parameters and transforms mental effort into specific commands for the computer keyboard.

NeuroChat is more than typing with your mind, it is a great network what allows people to cross language barriers, control their surrounding with smart home solutions and get integrated in the daily life of society.

watch the movie that explains the vision of this great startup
more about the technology


This is a playful and sustainable approach to a traditional egg crate from greek designer George Bosnas. His packaging is made out of cleared paper pulp, flour, starch and biological seeds. Instead of discarding or even recycling the box, users are encouraged to plant it and water it so the legume seeds that are part of the box itself can grow.


The product starts from the principles of Michael Faraday’s cage by blocking electromagnetic signals using a sea of conductive microspheres. The concept, drawing from the name of a traditional japanese zen garden, komoru (meaning to seclude one’s self), intends to provide users with peace from the relentless buzz by ‘burying’ their devices. Komoru is capable of isolating multiple phones and digital devices at the same time.

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3D wooden textile

Taking inspiration from natural fibers and geometric structures, Tel-Aviv based designers have transformed rigid planks of timber into a bendable and sculptural material.

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Jigxels are unique multi-angle interlocking building blocks, made with 100% FDA approved non-toxic surgical grade high quality polycarbonate polymer. Jigxels come in three ‘block’ types. Two linear blocks of varying sizes, and a Y-block, that allows you to bifurcate your designs and add variety.

The blocks also interlock using a positive and negative toothed-gear shape that allows you to interlock individual pieces at different angles, creating uniquely complex structures that look incredibly enticing and interesting.

IKEA meets Africa

The Design Indaba festival is a creative forum, where the main events are held in Cape Town. It gave start to a unique joint project with designers from five African countries. Working together with the IKEA design team, they could share their unique experiences in various areas: sculpture, architecture and design of clothing and furniture. With marvellous outcomes.

Many items comes from African traditions: for example, the design of tables and benches from the eucalyptus array is based on the Kenyan custom evening gatherings with friends, when everyone comes with his chair and everyone discusses the events that happened during the day. The benches are designed in such a way that they can form a single ensemble.

Celli Rabbi Kane, a fashion designer and artist from Senegal, is the author of a basket that repeats a pattern of braided braids. Lint-free carpets with a large geometric pattern came up with Ladum Ngksokolo from South Africa.

Each of the 33 products included in the collection are a synthesis of modern ideas and traditional crafts.


The Spot comes with a camera, a pico-projector and artificial intelligence. Designed to be the magnifying glass to everything that makes up a kids imaginary world, this handheld devices encourages creativity, promotes the asking of questions, and turns everyday imagery into stories to educate and fascinate children.

The camera allows children to capture objects, living things, and phenomena around them. The artificial intelligence weaves explanations into storylike narratives, pushing the child to be empathetic, curious, and at the same time, get answers to the questions they have.

Rebel Riders

More than half a century ago, the Indonesian government presented the participants of a successful peacekeeping mission in Africa with Italian Vespa scooters. In the early 2000s, with the fall of the Suharto regime and the weakening of police control on the roads of the country, modifications of those fashion bikes appeared.

Inspired by ‘Mad Max’ people changed their motorcycles into a new creatures with the help of bamboo, all kinds of rubbish and bones. Indonesian photographer Muhammad Fadli has been shooting riders for two and a half years and subsequently published the book “Rebel Riders” (byDienacht Publishing).

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