2019/4 design magazine

Get inspired by the latest innovations, like the​ M-Lance, Frigid Air, nat-2 milk sneakers, Nike Fit en de Braille Bricks van Lego.

Nat-2 milk sneakers

These sustainable unisex shoes are made from non-food milk. The over production of milk in factories has resulted in unused milk not suitable for drinking and designer Sebastian Thies thought of another use. The milk-felt, done in collaboration with a german bio-engineer, is a sustainable material that proved to be ideal for footwear applications. The material is 100% natural and pleasant to the touch. Due to the mix of wool and real milk fibers, the feel is soft and silky. Its anti-bacterial feature, coupled with the regulating temperature effects make the shoes wearable in any environment.

Frigid Air

Using an inflatable alveolar wall, the Frigid Air refrigerator is flexible. This unique feature allows you to change the volume of the refrigerator and thus determine the cooling capacity for the amount of food stored. What this means is that you can enlarge and compact the fridge, depending upon how much food is there to be stored.

Nike Fit

Open the NIKE-FIT app, select a shoe to buy, and then instead of selecting a size, scan your feet. The feature, which uses your smartphone camera to scan your feet, collects 13 data points to map your foot-morphology for both feet within a matter of seconds.

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Second nature

New Raw studio has conceived a pioneering project which transforms ocean waste into digitally crafted sculptures. The initiative repurposes abandoned fishing nets and processes them into threadlike filaments to create a collection of objects, including a series of seashell sculptures that symbolise marine beauty and cleanliness.

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Lego braille bricks

Lego is releasing a new product to help blind and visually impaired children learn braille. The set will include about 250 different pieces featuring the complete braille alphabet, as well as some numbers and math symbols.

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Ring Ruler

Meteorosensitive Pavilion is a project which explores a novel mode of climate-responsive architecture. This project uses the responsive capacity of the material itself. The dimensional instability of wood in relation to moisture is employed to construct a metereosensitive architectural skin that autonomously opens and closes in response to weather changes but neither requires the supply of operational energy nor any kind of mechanical or electronic control.

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Charging and discharging reactors is a critical job that demands the highest levels of safety and efficiency. Mourik is one of the few companies in the world that have mastered this task.

The M-lance is an automated system for discharging reactors, designed and developed by Alskar Design. The system reduces the down-time of the reactor by approximately half. Thanks to the M-lance, work in the reactor is much safer and only one quarter of the people are needed compared to manual discharging.


Mola is a learning tool for anyone interested about the structures and buildings that surround us. The model is composed of different elements, that are connected through magnets, allowing countless combinations.

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LastSwab is the result of a dedicated effort to reduce waste and damage to marine animals. It is potentially the last “cotton” swab you’ll ever need. Like your typical cotton swab, the LastSwab is two-sided. It’s as easy to use as any other swab, and the company advises that you use the same caution. After use, simply rinse the swab under water with a bit of soap and store it in the convenient carrying case.

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