2019/3 design magazine

Get inspiration by the latest innovations, like the Lubri Disk, the Glifo, the U18 bare phone, the Metafly biometric flying robot.

Lubri Disk

Eco-friendly bike chain care in just seconds. Smart, small and always with you – whether on the bike tour or in your commuter bag. Fillable & refillable with the chain oil of your choice. Leak-proof and easy to handle.


A bare-basics phone. It allows you to make, answer and reject calls, add and remove callers, or set up a group call for parents/siblings. Flip the phone over and it has a camera for video calls. And even a panic button for sending SOS signals to your emergency contacts.

The phone doesn’t have an OS that harvests and sells your information, or an internet browser that uses cookies, or apps… It does the job of a phone, and provides a feature that’s essential to a parent child relationship… the feature of communication.

For kids, for teens and for a lot of adults.

Malta’s bus comeback

In 2011, Malta’s traditional colourful buses were retired. Funky, ornately donned with names and scriptures, the locally-owned vehicles captured the hearts of tourists and commuters for half a century. Mizzi Studio has revealed innovative designs for a new fleet of buses – fully electric, emission-free in line with the EU’s long-term strategy for a climate-neutral future. 


The TIMIO was built by Basile Fattal, an entrepreneur, but first and foremost, a dad. Worried that his children were getting too distracted by and used to technology to develop a certain independence from it, he created the Timio. That is an audio-based toy that serves as a speaker, using magnetic discs. This disc, with images on it, become keypads once mounted on the base. This allows children to press specific images to play audio cues, and helps them build relations between what they see and what they hear. Educational and screen-free, – great combination.

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Ring Ruler

Simple in its design, the Ring Ruler allows you to make circles by deciding exactly what diameter you need. Its design enables you to make perfect circles and the diameter can be increased or decreased by just snapping the ruler at the desired point. Simply cool!

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The Vrailler

Vrailler’s braille printer is easy-to-use, small and affordable. It uses two perforated slates, a third upper slate, and a set of pins that you drop into the base-slate to create indentations. When you press the upper slate and middle slate onto the base slate, the indentations translate onto the paper/film, giving you printed braille. These can be used to create name-tags, labels, or even accessible business cards. You can make multiple prints on the Vrailler once you set the formation of pins in, and the Vrailler prints braille out for you without using any electricity or battery power.

Banana Leaf Travel Kit

Softened Banana Leaf, a fabric that’s created after treating banana leaves with a special solution that allows them to become permanently soft and feel great against the skin. The Banana Leaf Travel Kit is made entirely out of naturally available resources, with minimal processing, and is designed to be soothing, soft-to-the-touch but also entirely disposable and biodegradable.


MetaFly is an unique flying biomimetic remote-control robot that mimics the movement of a real bird or flying insect. It can take turns, fly fast or slow, and manoeuvre around just about anything. It weighs less than 10 grams, and has a 29 cm wingspan. MetaFly can reach top speeds of 18 km/h and has a maximum range of 100 meters.

Origami Robot Gripper

The soft robot gripper can adapt to the shape of whatever it’s grabbing without compromising its strength. This allows it to pick up delicate objects without harming them, while still maintaining a strong enough grip to lift 100 times its own weight.

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Glifo is a custom-made 3d printed writing aid. It is light, washable and adjustable, and has a practical grip that alleviates the motor difficulties of children with complex neurological disorders, allowing them autonomy in writing and drawing.

undomestic mtb

A new high-end mountain bike brand is soon to arrive. Yes, from the Netherlands. Because the Dutch are born on bikes. It is the country of worldchampion Mathieu van der Poel, Tom van Steenbergen, double olympian Twan van Gendt, Anneke Beerten, Bart Brentjens, the first winner of a gold medal for mountain biking in the 1996 Summer Olympics. And the country of design and high-tech. Alskar Design is involved in this project, we will keep you updated now and then.

The undomestic mountain bikes are full carbon and full suspension. With a patented platform, fully focussed on giving riders maximum confidence, while riding at autobahn speed. Because confidence changes everything.

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