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Aluminij Mostar

Last June the Alskar team paid a visit to the raw aluminium factory Aluminij in Bosnia. The factory produces 130.000 tons of aluminium per year, with 820 of employees. Aluminij can compete with the world’s leading producers.

Our team was welcomed by Miljenko Buhac, Sasa Pupic and Davor Ramljak to receive more insight in the manufacturing process of aluminium, the quality of the material and potential recycling opportunities.

Also potential business cooperations were discussed, as Aluminij is interested in partners that would like to obtain top-quality raw materials close to the processing plant and invest in processing the aluminium further into ready to market products.

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Desert Twins

The Desert Twins harvester from Dutch company SunGlacier can collect water in the hottest and driest of environments. Hot deserts seem dry, but they still contain a lot of water in the air, up to five times more than in the Netherlands. It's mostly because of the high temperatures and it doesn't rain. The relative humidity is low, but the absolute humidity can be very high. They system works autonomous on solar power.

UJET Vehicles

Not a scooter, not a bike. But a new mobility, new technology, new design, new connectivity. UJET aims at reinventing, producing and commercialising personal e-mobility solutions, that empower the urban community with smart technology for more sustainable cities.

Rubber bladeren

Tiny, artificial algae are being deployed in a first effort to restore reefs in the Mediterranean Sea. They look like coralline algae, which have a similar ecological function to corals: forming reefs using calcium carbonate structures that create diverse and complex environments.

The team developed small plastic structures to mimic the natural coralline algae Ellisolandia elongata and the way it moves. Ninety synthetic mini reefs, each with twenty fronds made of a highly elastic silicone elastomer, are anchored in clear resin.


Alskar Design supports not only Mercy Shipsbut also now the organisation Noordje.. At Noordjes Schrijflab, additional support is given to pupils in the field of language development and development of their creativity with daily programming after school time.

Children in the age of 6-13 years can also participate in the Noordjes Kunstacademie learning to developed their creativity learning new different techniques.

Poet on the Shore

Poet on the Shore is an AI-empowered autonomous robot that roams on the beach. It enjoys watching the sea, listening to the sound of waves lapping on the beach, the murmurs of the winds, children’s conversing, and the incessant din of seabirds. Most of the time, it roams alone to listen and feel. Sometimes, it writes verses into the sand, and watches the waves wash them away.

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VES-4® device

Mr Mouad Mkamel and his team of researchers from Ben M'sik Hassan II University, Morocco has designed a new scorpion-milking robot. Scorpion venom is used in medical applications such as immunosuppressants, anti-malarial drugs and cancer research, but the extraction process can be potentially life-threatening. "This robot makes the poison recovery fast and safe”.

Third Thumb

Dani Clode created a wearable third thumb that can help its user carry more objects, squeeze lemons or play complex chords on the guitar. The Third Thumb is a motorised, controllable extra finger, designed for anyone who wants to extend their natural abilities. Clode created the device as a way to challenge conventional ideas about prosthetics. Usually prosthetics are thought of as devices for people with disabilities.

"The origin of the word prosthesis meant to add, put onto, so not to fix or replace, but to extend" says Clode. "The Third Thumb is inspired by this word origin, exploring human augmentation and aiming to reframe prosthetics as extensions of the body.”

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A vertical transportation concept allowing city dwellers to cycle upwards. Designed by Elena Larriba, Vycle is a pedal-powered, vertical transportation system that offers a sustainable and efficient alternative to lifts and stairs. The system is balanced with counterweights, leaving the user's body as the only weight to overcome.

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Multirotor vehicle

The unique actuator of this omni-directional eight-rotor vehicle gives it full force and torque authority in all three dimensions, allowing it to fly novel maneuvers. A trajectory generator was also developed for this multirotor vehicle. The trajectory generator is capable of generating approximately 500.000 trajectories per second that guide the multirotor vehicle from any initial state, i.e. position, velocity and attitude, to any desired final state in a given time.

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