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GORILLA helps children and young people to enjoy movement, and gain expertise in nutrition and sustainability. The programm won the ISPO Social Awareness award.

GORILLA, a sports concept for kids

The project led by Tobias Kupfer, Skateboard World Champion and CEO of GORILLA Germany, has been touring since 2015 with the aim of making a balanced diet and freestyle sport attractive and fun for kids.

Ten schools were visited in a large series of workshops within three weeks, another tour in Greater Munich followed in autumn. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Kupfer: "We want to motivate kids to enjoy exercising and to discover and reflect on their diet." When the GORILLA Crew comes to German schools, it comes to an important issue: the health of children and adolescents. Instead of raising a finger the 30-member crew brings knowledge on nutrition and sustainability in combination with cool freestyle sports.

Whether breakdance, footbag, Streetskate, longboarding, frisbee or freestyle soccer, the GORILLA ambassadors are all professional athletes who replace the practice court against the schoolyard for a good cause. "Kids and young people need role models, now more than ever," explains Tobias Kupfer.

After the first GORILLA Tour 2015 it is clear that the concept works well in Germany. The GORILLA's have visted all types of schools, from elementary through middle and special schools. Nearly 35% of the kids indicated that they want to change something in their diet, about 40% now want to have breakfast in the morning.

Kupfer: "Children ofter go out of the house without breakfast, are then usually unfocussed at school and consume unhealthy foods like candy or energy drinks. That makes them tired and exhausted in the long term. We as athletes know how important nutrition is to achieve high performance. With our lives we show the kids it works like this."


The banano

Jared Koo says: “By fusing our sensory experience of eating bananas onto a speaker, I designed this product with the metaphorical design expression. Listen to music deliciously and enjoy the taste of music in a comfortable mood."


The aroma diffuser Duo uses piezoelectric technology to diffuse oils from specific plants. The absence of an oil tank eliminates the need for bothersome tank cleanups when changing the oil, while the oil bottles – suspended just above the base of the device – conjure up images of aromas drifting gently into the air and throughout a space.


A modular imaging system that lets users create a wide range of cameras. The platform is compromised of a set of colorful plastic blocks: sensors, light sources, actuators, lenses and optical attachments. These building blocks can be easily put together to build cameras that can create panoramic, kaleidoscopic and even microscopic images. Each 'cambit-block' has an identification tag and when a set are put together, the host computer recognizes the current configuration and provides a visual menu of options for what the user might want to do.

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Hot Pot

Made of cork, ‘hotpot’ is designed for off-the-stove slow cooking. It encourages people to change their cooking habits and save energy at the same time. To use it, the food should be pre-heated first on the stove and then placed inside the ‘hotpot’ which does the rest of the cooking. The insulation properties of the cork allow the food to keep on simmering even after being removed from the stove.


Wim Ouboter wants to change personal mobility with a small electric vehicle concept under the name ‘Microlino’. The proof of concept was based on an electrified BMW Isetta from 1956. With conventional cars in the city only being occupied by only two people on average, the team behind the vehicle wanted to develop a functional light car that is reduced to the max.


A medical-grade electrocardiogram (ECG) band for the apple watch ‘Kardia’ represents a significant breakthrough in proactive heart health by allowing people to discretely track their vitals. It can instantly detect atrial fibrillation in an ECG, the most common cardiac arryhthmia and a leading cause of a stroke. The accessory also indicates whether a user’s heart rate and rhythm are normal.

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A series of customizable writing utensils that aid children with nervous system related impairments. The ‘Glifo’ series of tools are optimized to suit kids’ special needs. It offers a set of handles: gee, lee, and eff, as well as the oow tablet, for quickly and easily securing paper to the table.

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Materials: tunable and self-actuated

Harvard researchers at John A. Paulson school of engineering and applied sciences have developed a new type of foldable material that is tunable and self-actuated. Capable of changing size, volume and shape, it can withstand the weight of an elephant without breaking when folded flat.

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The game consists of different magnetic pieces that can be used to play a variety of games. You can think of Magination like a magnetic deck of cards, where you’re not only getting one game, but a toolset that allows you to play an unlimited amount of games. Unlike a deck of cards is it much easier to be creative and find unique ways to play. You can also use the pieces to build magnetic structures and experiment to find new ways to embrace the magnetic force.

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Water bottle from paper and wax

Luigi Rausch proposes alternative to disposable plastic water bottles: a water bottle made of translucent paper and beeswax. The proposed ‘paper water co’ project is about three very important things: materiality, habits, and lifecycle. With today’s trends, something that can be effortlessly disposed, recycled and composted is a must.

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