2016/2 Design Magazine

Until today, many attempts to create a simple, safe, and sustainable storage method for electricity have failed. The flow cell is probably the first technology that can effectively store large quantities of energy in a medium that does not degrade or suffer from wear and tear.


Nanoflowcell has successfully integrated a flowcell battery in a car and received 2 weeks ago European vehicle type approval. High- and low-charge solutions are stored in separate 200-liter tanks in the rear of the car. The solutions are being pumped forward through a central cell, separated from each other by a thin membrane. This creates electricity, which flows into two supercapacitors, where it is stored and managed. On acceleration energy is released to power the four three-phase wheel motors. Nanoflowcell says the flow technology operates with 80 percent internal efficiency.

The Nanoflowcell system has major advantages. When the energy in the electrolyte solutions is used up, the liquids need only be replaced, a process that is similar in ease and quickness to refueling a gasoline car. Nanoflowcell also says that the used liquid can be recharged (by sun, for example) and used again.

Unlike in lithium-ion batteries, the flow battery's storage capacity does not degrade over time from memory effect. Nanoflowcell claims there are no environmentally damaging components to the electrolytes and says the system does not rely on rare or precious metals.

You could walk right past many alternatively powered vehicles, never realising what interesting technology hides underneath plain skins, but you're going to want to stick around and learn more about a car like the Quant. Who knows may be you have just met the future!

Looking with X-ray eyes to nature

Arie van 't Riet says: “As a physicist I specialized in radiation physics. Especially in very low energy X-rays. Some years ago I started to use these experience in X-ray photography. An amazing kind of black and white photography…”

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We all know - the most important part of waking up is getting out of bed. This revolutionary clock will not only get you out of bed on time (you’ll literally have to get up), it will reward you with daily motivation to keep you out of bed and start your mornings off right!

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Intelligent parking chair

Nissan Motor Company has unveiled a new type of office furniture set to revolutionise the workspace, with chairs that can be automatically “parked” into desk spaces like cars driving into a garage.

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The main idea of Motorica, a company active in the field of development of functional prosthetics for adults and kids, is to translate disability into super-ability. They do this by not only restoring some main functions but really by adding all kinds of extras. The prosthetics are no longer a scary medical device, but a cool gadget! The team is open for new ideas about what a little super hero should have in the future.


Lego paper plane machine

If something is worth doing, it's worth overdoing. This automated assembly line can not only take a flat piece of paper and produce a fully-folded plane on the other side, it will throw it for you too.

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A ringing noise inside one's head that simply does not stop - more than 400 million people around the world are familiar with this enervating condition called tinnitus. So-called Tailor-Made Notched Music Training (TMNMT) is a neuro-acoustic approach that suggested that frequency-filtered music has the potential to reduce the loudness of the tinnitus tone. This is where the young German medical engineering company, Sonormed, saw a market opportunity. Sonormed developed Tinnitracks - a certified medical product and fully digital treatment that filters patients' individual tinnitus frequency from their favorite songs. Listening to this filtered music via a web or mobile app helps ease the severity of the nagging sound.


Epson develops the world's first office papermaking system that turns waste paper into new paper. Users can produce sheets of A4 or A3 office paper and even paper for business cards thanks to forming technology that allows them to control the density, thickness, and size of paper.

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Only with water

The misoka toothbrush cleans your teeth using only water. The toothbrush is developed with bristles treated with nano-mineral coating to enable teeth-cleaning and polishing without the need of toothpaste. The glossy finish of the body is smooth like glass and has been designed to conjure up an image of water.


A magical oil lamp for pouring and sealing. By pushing down and pulling on the lamp, this immediately opens and seals the bottle.

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