2016/1 Design Magazine

This project is straight criticism to the presence of push notifications and questions the relevance of their impact. French designer Pierre-Felix is fascinated with emerging open source technologies.

“Push revolution!” a designer questions the world

His work questions objects that are now network-connected and inquires about their future. With his ‘push revolution!’ project, which encompasses three different objects, he centres his research around social media notifications, how they reach us, and how we respond to them.

The designer chose to associate social media alerts with soap bubbles in order to enhance their ephemeral natural while successfully materialising them for a short period of time. His reflection on the subject is that their virtual and immaterial nature prevents us from being aware of their presence and importance.

This object is meant to be surprising and intriguing. It is concerned with private notifications, and message exchanges with our loved ones. No matter if it’s an email, a text message or a photo, these notifications are a form of communication and bring emotions more or less strong. To achieve this, ‘wow’ is an object that has a balloon that inflates when you receive the notification, and deflates some seconds later.

This object is a device that allows you to manage your notifications with pleasure. The designer references to the act of popping bubble wrap, consulting your notifications into a liberating event.

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This is a statement. A statement in a form of an e-bike. A bike which breaks the rules. It has a motor, so just like when you ride the turbo and you put your foot on the pedal and it lurches forward. The shape of the bike also breaks a few rules. It swoops and arcs that add more drama to the design, that makes the bike a bit more anatomical and organic. An there is even a small space in the seat for storage, where you can put spare tires, tubes and wallet.

Yaroslav Rassadin & Khokhloma manufacture

An interesting outcome from a collaboration between old traditional manufacturing and a take of modern design. The storage jar “The bird” from Yaroslav Rassadin connects recognisable streamline design of Rassadin with the craft of Russian wood painting handicraft and national ornaments, known for its vivid flower patterns, red and gold colors over a black background.

La Promeneuse

This product perfumes interiors with a wax cameo. Heated from beneath, the cameo melts and spreads its fragrance quickly into the air. La Promeneuse allows the object to easily change fragrances.


Health professionals rely normally on subjective methods to assess pain. It’s not only imprecise but also impossible in many circumstances, such as when the patient is not communicating or under anesthesia.

Israel’s Medasense Biometrics is poised to solve the problem with a noninvasive system. The patented technology includes a finger-mounted sensor which records relevant physiological signs. Artificial-intelligence algorithms convert this data into a real-time, continuous pain index presented on a bedside monitor.

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Self Smoker Dish

The Smoker dish by Francesco Sillitti is a tool designed for cold-smoking, made entirely of ceramic, it allows the user to flavor different types of food. With this product you can smoke food cold easily. It is a unique way of adding an extra flavor and taste into the food along with the benefits of natural nutrition.

Selfit goggles

There are 2.5 billion people worldwide who are short-sighted. Which means that they always swim in a blur. Since the degree of short-sightedness often differs from one eye to the other, each lens is independent. In two clicks, the Selfit goggles offer made-to-measure correction that is perfectly adapted to the swimmer’s eyesight.

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A playful computer and coding kit for ages 6 and up, just like LEGO


Moveable capsular microkitchen/bar for home, office and hotel use. The idea was inspired by the need to place kitchen units freely in the working or living area. Simple 'toylike' design and colourful wood creates a unique and relaxing friendly image. Each module is intended for one of electrical appliances (microwave oven, coffee-machine etc.) and its accessories such as cups, plates, cutlery, tea, coffee etc. The module shape accentuates the idea of all-in-one independent capsule.

Books Without Words

Nicholas Rougeux is a designer and artist from Chicago who decided to see what it would look like if all the words were removed from classic pieces of literature. The result is Between The Words, a series of posters that celebrates the dots, dashes, and quotation marks sprinkled throughout iconic literary works.

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