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“Leading companies and promising start-ups work with us to develop great new innovative products, like ebikes, wheelchairs, mobility products, vehicles, performance sports products, professional tools and medical devices.

They build on our specialized product knowledge and extensive experience with design of high end complex products.”

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Quality industrial design requires a senior design team with many years of experience. We successfully completed over 120 innovative product development projects.

The projects we run at our design firm are focused on the development of innovative ebikes, bicycles, mobility products, sport products and medical devices.

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Entrepreneurs and leaders work with our specialized product design firm to develop the best bicycles, mobility products, sport products and medical devices.

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Maplez DWS

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“Thank you for all your efforts that you and your team have invested so far in this project. I am very grateful for that.”

Dennis Stadler / Ergoflix Group

“Thank you for the productive meeting today! So many ideas going in the right direction, it’s amazing!”

Ceylan Duran Üçgün / BASI systems
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